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The Multiple Eyes of Insects, December 1926

Insects Have Many Eye-lenses. Do They See a Separate Image with Each Lens, or a Single Image as Does the Human Being? Recent Experiments Show that Certain Established Beliefs About Insect Vision Are Wrong

By H. Eltringham

How Science Can Improve Your Golf

A Highly Interesting Article on the Reasons for the Vagaries of the Flight of Golf Balls that Was Prompted by a Former Article by Professor Sheldon

By P. A. Vaile

Eclipsing Variables

Stars Which Revolve in Pairs, Somewhat Like Dumbbells, Alternately Eclipse One Another. Recent Studies of Such a Pair Strikingly Confirm the Previous Theories of Astronomers Concerning the Several Characteristics of the Stars

By Henry Norris Russell

Applied Science for the Amateur

A department devoted to the presentation of useful ideas wherein will be found material of practical value for those who are mechanically inclined

By A. P. Peck

A New Tool for the Research Scientist

Many Interesting Experiments Have Been Performed With the Improved Cathode-ray Tube. They May Lead to Discoveries Which May Be Even More Startling Than Those Made With X Rays


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