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The Multiple Eyes of Insects, December 1926

Insects Have Many Eye-lenses. Do They See a Separate Image with Each Lens, or a Single Image as Does the Human Being? Recent Experiments Show that Certain Established Beliefs About Insect Vision Are Wrong

By H. Eltringham

Eclipsing Variables

Stars Which Revolve in Pairs, Somewhat Like Dumbbells, Alternately Eclipse One Another. Recent Studies of Such a Pair Strikingly Confirm the Previous Theories of Astronomers Concerning the Several Characteristics of the Stars

By Henry Norris Russell

A New Tool for the Research Scientist

Many Interesting Experiments Have Been Performed With the Improved Cathode-ray Tube. They May Lead to Discoveries Which May Be Even More Startling Than Those Made With X Rays

How Science Can Improve Your Golf

A Highly Interesting Article on the Reasons for the Vagaries of the Flight of Golf Balls that Was Prompted by a Former Article by Professor Sheldon

By P. A. Vaile

Applied Science for the Amateur

A department devoted to the presentation of useful ideas wherein will be found material of practical value for those who are mechanically inclined

By A. P. Peck


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