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Building Blocks of the Universe

The Romantic Search for New Chemical Elements Is Not a Blind Hunt But Is Guided By Remarkably Beautiful Scientific Principles of Prediction. How the New Element "Illinium" Was Found. Other Elements Are Now Being Sought...

By B. S. Hopkins

A Sport Over Two Thousand Years Old

Japan's New Cruisers

Latest Addition to the Growing Fleet of Cruisers Consists of Four Ships Showing Remarkable Novelty of Design

By Oscar Parkes

Science Plans a Mass Attack on the Moon's Mysteries

Are the Moon's Craters Volcanic or Are They Meteoric "Shell-holes"?

By Henry Norris Russell

Where Was the Birthplace of Mankind?

Flints Called Eoliths, 1,000,000 Years Old and Flaked so Crudely that Only the Expert Can Tell Whether Man or Nature Made Them, Have Been Discovered in Europe. What Do They Signify?

By J. Reid Moir

Blind Folks "See" Lots of Good Times

Buried Secrets of the Holy Land

All Over the Bible Lands, from Dan to Beersheba, the Archeologist Is Busy Turning Over Ancient Mounds and Revealing City Sites

By Harold J. Shepstone

Testing a Dam to Destruction

An Experimental Arch Dam, Built to Determine the Exact Stresses with the Water at Various Levels

The Carbonization of Coal at Low Temperatures

Coal Smoke Is Not a Necessary Evil; It Represents Wasted Fuel. New Processes Which Will Turn This Waste Into Valuable By-products Are Being Developed. What Is Their Real Significance?

By H. W. Brooks

Inventors Who Have Achieved Commercial Success

The Second Interview of This Series Is With a Man Who Has Capitalized the Human Desire for Play

By Milton Wright

Radio's Silver Screen

Cluster of Seven Lights Carries Inventor Toward the Goal of Wireless Vision

By Orrin E. Dunlap Jr.

Tire Rejuvenation System Makes Old Tires New

Pictures of American Climate

The Straight and Narrow Path to Normal Weight

Pitfalls Menace and Pseudo Short-cuts Beckon the Feet of Those Who Seek Easy Methods of Reducing Their Weight

By H. H Mitchell

Two Airplanes Successfully Launched from a Dirigible

The Motor Coach Aids the Railroad

A Great Menace--The Rising Tide of Insects

Divers Fields of Endeavor Are Drawn Upon in an Effort to Check the Enormous Waste Caused by the Constantly Increasing Hordes of Injurious Insects

By L. O. Howard

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Happenings

In the World of Chemistry

A Department Devoted to the Advancements Made in Industrial and Experimental Chemistry

By D. H. Killeffer

Applied Science for the Amateur, February 1927

A department devoted to the presentation of useful ideas wherein will department devoted to the presentation of useful ideas wherein will be found material of practical value for those who are mechanically inclined...

By A. P. Peck

In the Editor's Mail, February 1927


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, February 1927

  • The Month in Medical Science, February 1927

  • Novel Devices for the Shop and the Home, February 1927

  • The Scientific American Digest, February 1927

  • Learning to Use Our Wings, February 1927

  • The Heavens in February 1927

  • Radio Notes

  • Commercial Property News, February 1927

  • Patents Recently Issued, February 1927

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