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Alaska is Mapped from the Air, May 1927

With Three Airplanes, a Government Expedition Did More Mapping in Alaska in Fifteen Days than Ordinary Surveyors Could Have Accomplished in Fifteen Years

By John L. Von Blon

Flint--Prehistoric Man's Steel

Our Ancient Ancestors Were Just as Keen About the Quality of Flint as We Are About the Quality of Steel. They Even Imported It From Long Distances

By J. Reid Moir

The Hottest Thing on Earth

How Astronomers Imitate Stellar Temperatures of 36,000 Degrees, Fahrenheit

By Henry Norris Russell

Teaching Music to the Deaf

Even Though They May be Unable to Hear a Sound, the Pupils at a Famous New York Institution for the Deaf Soon Become Proficient with Band Instruments

By John Redfield

Measuring One 100,000,000th of a Second

How a Slender Stream of Rapidly Shifting Electrons Is Being Made to Trace a Complicated Record of a Lightning Stroke

By H. M. Towne

The Month in Medical Science, May 1927

A Review and Commentary on Progress in the Medical and Surgical Field

By Morris Fishbein

Golf Clubs from the Forest to the Links

Does Static Come from the Sun?

Strange "Messages" May Tell the Secrets of Fading and Other Radio Mysteries

By Orrin E. Dunlap

Australia Advances--Her New National Capital will be Occupied in May


The World Is Fast Waking Up to the Fact that There Is More of a Menace in Smoke than Has Been Thought. What Shall Be Done About It?

By George T. Moore

Yardsticks of Sound

Sounds Are Now Reduced to Exact Mathematical Formulae and Reproduced at Will in the Acoustic Laboratory

By Austin C. Lescarboura

Inventors Who Have Achieved Commercial Success, May 1927

In the Fifth Interview of This Series, an Inventor Tells How Ordinary Air Proved to Be a Stepping-stone to Prosperity

By Milton Wright

Irrigation Water and Electric Power from Same Storage Reservoir

A Serious Plague of Mice in California, May 1927

Even Their Ancient Enemies, the Cats, Were Found Powerless to Stop the Invasion of the Destructive Rodents

By F. T. Humphrey

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Happenings, May 1927

In the World of Chemistry, May 1927

A Department Devoted to the Advancements Made in Industrial and Experimental Chemistry

By D. H. Killeffer

Applied Science for the Amateur, May 1927

A department devoted to the presentation of useful ideas wherein will be found material of practical value for those who are mechanically inclined

By A. P. Peck


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, May 1927

  • Novel Devices for the Shop and the Home, May 1927

  • The Scientific American Digest, May 1927

  • Learning To Use our Wings, May 1927

  • Radio Notes, May 1927

  • The Heavens in May 1927

  • In the Editors's Mail, May 1927

  • Commercial Property News, May 1927

  • Patents Recently Issued, May 1927

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