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The Cost of Oranges

Few People Realize the Endless Efforts the California Citrus Fruit Growers Have Made and Are Still Making to Fight the Pests that Attack the Oranges We Eat

By T. D. A. Cockerell

Giving a Voice to Motion Pictures

The Problem of Synchronization Has Been Solved. Good Sound Reproduction Has Made One System Practicable

By A. P. Peck

Three Coming Events

An Eclipse of the Sun, One of the Moon, and the Arrival of a Comet Will Keep Astronomers Interested During the Month of June

By Henry Norris Russell

Whaling Out of the Golden Gate

"Science Has Taken the Danger……..the Chase Still Remains"

By Franklin S. Clark

Practical Television Demonstrated

One-way Transmission of Images of Moving Objects Marks Another Step Forward in the Telephone Art

By Louis S. Treadwell

A Two Hundred Mile-Per-Hour Car

How the Physicist, the Chemist and Wind-tunnel Tests Collaborated in Producing the Car Which Made 203.79 Miles Per Hour On Daytona Beach

By J. Bernard Walker

Physicist and Golf Expert Still Disagree

On These Pages, Prof. Sheldon and P. A. Vaile Present Further Arguments On the Physics of Golf Strokes and the Flight of Balls

By H. H. Sheldon

Radio's New Kingdom

Amateurs Now Talk on the Five-meter Waveband

By Orrin E. Dunlap

Shears and Scissors Ninety Percent Hand-made

Models Show Ancient Egyptian Life and Industry

Turbine Locomotive for British Railroad

Engine Is in Two Sections, Coupled by Ball and Socket Joint

By F. C. Livingstone

Inventors Who Have Achieved Commercial Success, June 1927

What Idea to Work On, Rather Than How to Promote Inventions, Is the Subject of the Sixth Article of This Series

By Milton Wright

Blind Editor Publishes Journal for the Blind

Uncle Sam, Spendthrift--X

We Have 55,000,000 Potential Horsepower In Our Rivers, of Which We Waste 44,000,000

By J. Bernard Walker


To Young and Old There Is a Romantic Mystery In Cave Hunting and In the Exploration of Dim, Underground Passageways

By Guy E. Mitchell

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Happenings, June 1927

Sea Elephants Preserved for Posterity

These Ungainly Denizens of the Southwestern Coast of North America Have Been Nearly Exterminated, But Are Now Being Protected

By John L. Von Blon

In the World of Chemistry, June 1927

A Department Devoted to the Advancements Made in Industrial and Experimental Chemistry

By D. H. Killeffer

Applied Science for the Amateur, June 1927

A department devoted to the presentation of useful ideas wherein will be found material of practical value for those who are mechanically inclined

By A. P. Peck


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, June 1927

  • The Month in Medical Science, June 1927

  • Novel Devices for the Shop and the Home, June 1927

  • The Scientific American Digest, June 1927

  • Learning to Use Our Wings, June 1927

  • In The Editors's Mail, June 1927

  • Radio Notes, June 1927

  • The Heavens in June 1927

  • Commercial Property News, June 1927

  • Patents Recently Issued, June 1927

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