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Super-Guns for Our Army

Ordnance Officer, Chemist and Mathematician Combined Have Doubled the Efficiency of Our Army Ordnance Since the War

By J. Bernard Walker

Watching the Earth Turn Over

The Famous Pendulum Experiment which Makes Visible the Earth's Rotation May be Performed with Simple Apparatus

By Russell W. Porter

Is Mars Habitable?

Its Habitability is Made More Probable By Recent Observations Whether it is Actually Inhabited is Still Unknown

By Henry Norris Russell

American Farmers of 4000 B.C.

A Brief Survey of the Known History of Our Southwestern Aborigines

By A. V. Kidder

Sunburn in the Dark

Treatment With Isolated Ultra-Violet Rays from the Sun

By D. T. MacDougal

Primitive Irrigation Methods Still Compete With Modern Machinery

A Microbe in International Affairs

As a Detective, the Chemist Has Unearthed Processes of Vital Industrial Importance

By D. H. Killeffer

Successful Inventors--VII

A Pioneer in the Telephone Art Gives Some Excellent Advice

By Milton Wright

When the President Broadcasts

Harding Was the First Chief Executive Heard on the Radio--Coolidge establishes a record

By Orrin E. Dunlap

Small Balloons Provide New Sport

America's Longest Tunnel

Rapid Construction of the Greatest Tunnel to be Built In the New World

By Charles F. A. Mann

Stupendous Pressures

Pressures of Great Magnitude Profoundly Alter the Properties of Matter. How Extreme Pressures are Produced in the Laboratory

By P. W. Bridgman

The Wanderings of an Oil Well

Automatic Surveying Machine Shows World's Deepest Well to be 517 Feet Out of Plumb at 6,000 Feet Depth

Our Agricultural Ellis Island

How the Department of Agriculture is Using a Famous Old Virginia Estate as a Testing Ground for Immigrant Plants

By George H. Dacy

The Most Fascinating Spot on Earth

A Comet, Weighing Millions of Tons, Is to Be Sought Where It Lies Buried in Arizona

By D. Moreau Barringer

Uncle Sam, Spendthrift--XI

Failure to Develop and Deepen Our Lake and River Systems Causes an Enormous Economic Loss

By J. Bernard Walker

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Events, July 1927

With the Automotive Inventors, July 1927

Inventions in the Engineering Field

In the World of Chemistry

A Department Devoted to the Advancements Made in Industrial and Experimental Chemistry

By D. H. Killeffer

Applied Science for the Amateur, July 1927

A Department Devoted To the Presentation of Useful Ideas. Material of Value To All Will Be Found Here

By A. P. Peck


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, July 1927

  • The Month in Medical Science, July 1927

  • Household Inventions, July 1927

  • The Scientific American Digest, July 1927

  • Radio Notes, July 1927

  • Learning to Use Our Wings, July 1927

  • In the Editor's Mail, July 1927

  • The Heavens in July 1927

  • Commercial Property News, July 1927

  • Patents Recently Issued, July 1927

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