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Troglodytes of the Desert

Mysterious Tribes of Northern Africa Live in Great Circular Wells' Others Burrow into Rocky Hills, Carving out Spacious and Comfortable Dwellings

By Horace D. Ashton

Mikimoto and the Culture Pearl

Culture Pearls Show no Difference in Color, Form or Substance from the Native Pearl. How the Japanese Pearl King Grows them by the Millions

By David Starr Jordan

A Modern Man-Made Cave

New Radio Aid to Aircraft Pilots

Placing Staten Island on the Map

Building Three Bridges that will end the Isolation of an Important Section of New York City.

By J. Bernard Walker

On the Trail of the Molecule--I

A Number of most Interesting Experiments in Physics which may be Tried by the Amateur Scientist

By S. R. Williams

Four Sunless Worlds

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, Once thought to be hot, are so deeply Shrouded with Extremely Frigid Clouds that their Surface Temperatures Remain Unknown

By Henry Norris Russell

The Month in Medical Science, October 1927

A Review and Commentary on Progress in the Medical and Surgical Field

By Morris Fishbein

Cold Light

How do Fireflies Emit Light without emitting heat?

By W. W. Coblentz

In the Workshop of the Scientists

A Radio Pioneer Steps Onward

Should Listeners Welcome or Fear KDKA's New Transmission System?

By Orrin E. Dunlap

Out of the Silence Comes a Voice


The Impressions of a Modern Woman, after two years spent among the Natives in the Jungle

By Martha Miller Bliven

Successful Inventors---X

A College Professor Solves a Mathematical Problem and Becomes a Wealthy Inventor

By Milton Wright

400,000,000 Horsepower!

This is the Aggregate Power Developed by Automobiles Tests on 250 cars show some interesting results

By E. H. Lockwood

Piano Instruction Aided Electrically

The City of the Future---II

Revision of Building Regulations Would Increase Greatly the Utility of Large Buildings

By Ernest Flagg

Speeding up the Moffat Tunnel

New Cantilever Beam Cuts Time in Half, Saves Labor Costs, and Prevents Disastrous Slides

From the Scrap-book of Science

Outward Bound on the "Ile de France"

Applied Science for the Amateur, October 1927

A Department devoted to the Presentation of Useful ideas Material of Value to all will be found here

By A. P. Peck


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, October 1927

  • Household Inventions, October 1927

  • Inventions New and Interesting, October 1927

  • The Scientific American Digest, October 1927

  • Industries from Atoms

  • Learning To Use Our Wings

  • Radio Notes, October 1927

  • The Heavens in October 1927

  • In Editor's Mail, October 1927

  • Commercial Property News, October 1927

  • Patents Recently Issued, October 1927

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