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Tuning Up Transatlantic Motors

Airplane Engine Expert Tells About the Rigid Tests Necessary Before Take-off

By T. H. (Doc) Kinkade

In Quest of Ruined Cities

How the Scientific Explorer Penetrates the Dense Tropical Forests of Central America in Search Of New Evidence 0f a Vanished Civilization

By Herbert J. Spinden

Our Richest Source of Vitamins

Down to the Sea For Seaweed May be the Next Step in Replacing Our Disappearing Sources of Food Supplies

By Josephine E. Tilden

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Events, February 1928

Has the Universe a Limit?

It Is Easy to Prove That the Stars Are Not Infinite in Number, and That the Universe Is Finite. How Large, Then, Is It?

By Henry Norris Russell

America's Greatest Water-wheel

With a Head of 2243 Feet, Balch Power Plant Is Highest Head Plant in America

By Charles W. Geiger

A Crusader's Fortress Excavated

A Glimpse of an Old Warrior's Castle in Palestine Is Afforded by the Results of Recent Work

The Much Maligned Bat

These Ugly Creatures That Dart About in the Twilight are Our Friends and, in Most Cases, Harmless to Man

By Paul Griswold Howes

Oil Tanks Moved by Floating

Unique Method Employed to Overcome Difficulties and Prevent Necessity of Demolition

Filling in the Zuyder Zee

Successful Inventors--XIV

Patients, Patents and Profits Sum Up the Career of This Inventor Whose Devices Aid In Rebuilding Human Bodies

By Milton Wright

"Hot Dogs" de Luxe

With Skins Eliminated By Chemical Science, the Plebeian "Frank" Comes Into Its Own

By D. H. Killeffer

Weighing With Radio

The Versatile Vacuum Tube Assumes the Role of Micrometer Caliper and Scale

By James Millen

Faster Motor Boats

Tests Show That New Invention, Attached to Motor Boat, Gives Greater Speed

By F. D. McHugh

Machine Makes Million Bottles a Week

The Index to Radio's Future

Why the Public Should Not Consider Light-socket Receiving Sets As Premature

By Orrin E. Dunlap Jr.

Curbing the Mississippi

Control of the Mississippi--a Stupendous Engineering Work Which Must Be Financed by the Federal Government

By J. Bernard Walker

The Sewers of Paris

Uncle Sam Raises Bugs

By Nell Ray Clarke

Growing Mountains

Volcanoes Occur Where Mountains Are Being Elevated. This Is More Than a Coincidence--What Does It Signify?

By Bailey Willis


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, February 1928

  • The Month In Medical Science, February 1928

  • Thermal Refrigeration, Automatic Electric Range and more

  • Rainy Day Splash Guards, Metal Tobacco Pouch and more

  • Telephotographs Used Mostly By Business Men, California Steam Wells Examined by Scientists and more

  • Playing with the Airstream, Astronomical Navigation and more

  • Preventing Lime Deposits in Water Mains, New Solders Suggested and more

  • Antenna Pointers, Beethoven Popular with Radio Owners and more

  • Hydroelectric Fuel, Electrolytic Zinc in France and more

  • The Heavens in February 1928

  • A Fading Dream, Does Cone Loudspeaker Need Wide Surface? and more

  • Two More Amateur's Telescopes, Race-track Problem Attracts Wide Attention and more

  • Airship Gas Source Seen in Atmosphere, New Method of Clay Pipe Manufacture and more

  • The Patent Office Is Falling Behind, Carpenters and Free Masons and more

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