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Sounds that Burn

The Human Ear Senses No Vibrations Above 30,000 Per Second, but Inaudible Sounds at 300,000 Vibrations Per Second Perform Queer Antics

By R. W. Wood

Weighing the Earth

The Earth's Mass Is About 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Tons. How Is This Amount Actually Determined?

By Paul R. Heyl

High-Pressure Steam in Locomotives

Tendency is Toward Still Higher Steam Pressures to Obtain Greater Tractive Effort and Fuel Economy

By Edward C. Schmidt

From the Scrap-book of Science Camera Shots of Scientific Events, March 1928

Sunshine Recorder

Unearthing the Past at Kish

Who Were the Ancient Sumerians? No One Knows. Excavations Now in Progress Give Promise of Solving this Perplexing Historical Mystery

By D. C. Davies

The "Why" of the "S-4" Disaster

The Answer to the Public's Questions As to Why It Happened and Why the Men Could Not Be Rescued

By John T. Rowland

A Smaller, Light-Weight Diesel

Compact, High-Speed Unit Designed for Remote or Bridge Control in Small Craft


The Past Year Has Provided Several Unusually Interesting Comets. Recent Computations Indicate That One Comet's Orbit Extends Half Way to the Nearest Fixed Star

By Henry Norris Russell

How Fast Can You "Get Away"?

Simple Measuring Method Shows Surprising Differences in Individuals

By Walter Miles

Deciphering Mayan Mysteries

How the Archeologist Proceeds with the Baffling Task of Prying into the Secrets of the Hieroglyphs of the Ancient Mayan Chronologists

By Herbert J. Spinden

New Discovery Speeds Up Evolution

Science Prize Winner Makes Discovery Believed By Many to Have Immense Practical and Scientific Significance

By Frank Thone

A Modern Castle of Business

Handsome Skyscraper is Complete in Itself and Needs Little Outside Aid in Case of Fire

By Albert A. Hopkins

Tuning-Up Transatlantic Motors--II

In Which the Author Deals Interestingly With the Various Specific Tests for Airplane Motors

By T. H. (Doc) Kinkade

Wanted--A Radio Fan's Paradise

What the Federal Radio Commission Has Accomplished in its First Year--Plans for the Future

By Orrin E. Dunlap

California Amateurs Make Telescopes

Television Enters the Home

Simplification of Apparatus and of Synchronization Opens a New Era for the Broadcast Listener

By A. P. Peck

Theater Delays Shortened

Time Between Changes of Scenes Has Been Reduced to a Minimum by Stage Mechanism of The Patriot.

By Oliver M. Sayler

Outdoor Tractor Model Airplane, Golf-Ball Marking and more

A Department Devoted to the Presentation of Useful Ideas. Material of Value to All Will Be Found Here

By A. P. Peck


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, March 1928

  • The Month in Medical Science, March 1928

  • Porcelain Socket, New Pullman Bag and more

  • Safety Jug, Polishing Mitten and more

  • Biologist Calls Coffee Beneficial Beverage, Swapping Cactus for Pineapple and more

  • Large Plane Orders, Ingenious Wing Folding and more

  • Potash from the Dead Sea, Distilled Water by Electrolysis and more

  • New Power Tube Has Economical Filament, Reflectors are Efficient and more

  • Ferric Hydroxide as an Adsorbent, Hydrogen Ion Concentration of Cheese and more

  • England's First Bicycle, From the Candle to Electricity and more

  • Evolution Reversed by Cornell Scientist, Sheet Steel Manufacture and more

  • Analogous Arts, Trademarks in The Philippines and more

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