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Most Sharks Are Not Man Eaters, But Efforts to Whitewash the Man-Eating Reputation of the Fierce Great White Shark Are a Total Failure

By David Starr Jordan

What Is Light?

With An Apparatus Which Turns Light Off and On In One Thousand Millionth of a Second, It Has Been Shown That Light Quanta Must Be Less Than a Few Feet In Length

By J. W. Beams and Ernest O. Lawrence

World Earthquake Belts

The Widespread Risk of Earthquakes Is Poorly Realized. Earthquake Resistant Buildings Are Entirely Practicable Without Excessive Cost

By Bailey Willis

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Events, April 1928

New Evidences of Ancient Man

In England the Recent Excavation of a Silted-up Lake Bed Has Revealed New and Incontestable Records of Earlier and Extinct Races of Man

By J. Reid Moir

Japanese Bank Defies Attack

The Ten-Million-Dollar Mitsui Building in Tokio Is a Veritable Man-Built Gibraltar

By Howard McLellan

Comfort In Sleeping Cars

New Design Conserves Space, Is Economical In Operation, and Provides Privacy for Passengers

Hydraulic Control of Machine Tools

Perfected System is Economical, Reliable, Simple in Operation, and is Claimed to Reduce Fatigue of the Workman

An Inventor Finds Work Is Play

Although He Had Retired, an Inventing Problem to be Solved Lured Percy Gardner Back Into Business

By Milton Wright

How Old Is the Earth?

Newly Performed Research Limits the Earth's Age to 4,000,000,000 Years

By Henry Norris Russel

Panama Canal Needs More Water

Without Provision for Greater Water Storage, the Canal Cannot Much Longer Take Care of Increased Traffic

Herculaneum Is Being Freed From Her Mantle of Mud

What Fire and Burning Ashes Did for Pompeii, Water Did for the Sister City, Herculaneum, Preserving Her Priceless Works of Art in Mud. They Are Now Being Brought to Light by Excavations...

Thank the American Indian

We Owe to the Indian Well Over Half of Our Great Agricultural Wealth. Potatoes, Maize, Cacao, Beans, the Peanut, Rubber and Other Plants Were Domesticated Here Long Before Columbus Discovered America...

By Herbert J. Spinden

A Mountain That Will Fall

Evacuation of the Territory Which Will Be Affected Has Already Begun

"R-100", Latest British Airliner

Dirigible Has Accommodations for One Hundred Passengers and Will Carry a Crew of Forty

Safety on Our Highways

The Elimination of Grades and Curves is a Great Factor in Decreasing Accidents on Our National Highways

Simplified Photo-Radio Transmission

Only Ninety Seconds Required For Complete Sending and Receiving of Photographs

Co-ordinated Ear and Eye Music

Reproducing Piano Rolls Contain Explanatory Notes Which are Thrown On Screen While Music is Played

Facts About Hypnotism

Many of the Results of Hypnotism Are in Dispute. The Author Puts Forth Some Interesting Arguments

By G. H. Estabrooks

Where Perpetual Winter Reigns

Only a Few Miles From Each of Us Exist Sub-Zero Temperatures and Winds of Tremendous Velocity

By E. F. Bacon and John W. Wagner

Motorcycles Go To War

In France They Are Developing This Vehicle Into An Efficient Battle Steed

Lawn Shaver, Powerful Pruner and more

The Man or Woman Who Has a Garden Plot Will Welcome the Announcement of These New Aids

To Polish Small Tubing, Our Readers Contribute and more

A Department Devoted to the Presentation of Useful Ideas. Material of Value to All Will Be Found Here


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, April 1928

  • The Month In Medical Science, April 1928

  • Pocket Ash Tray, Stored Heat Bag and more

  • Note for Telescope Enthusiasts, Diesel Ship Tests Show Good Results and more

  • "Los Angeles" Lands on "Saratoga", Architecture and Airport and more

  • Synthetic Ammonia, Baffling the Bootlegger by Catalysis and more

  • Transmitting License Fee Proposed, Aviation and Radio and more

  • Compressed Gas as Motor Fuel, Celluloid-Rubber Nuptials and more

  • Imperial Airways

  • The Turnover In Toast, Where Registration Is Obligatory and more

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