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Mining Your Fountain Pen Tips

Dramatic Rush to Osmiridium Fields of Tasmania for Precious Metal Once a Nuisance to Gold Miners

By P. Ormsby Lennon

Recovering New History

American Funds Are Now Being Employed to Reveal Vast New Reservoirs of Hitherto Untouched Archeological and Historical Fact in the Orient

By James Henry Breasted

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Events, May 1928

The Earth as a Magnet

How Is the Earth's Electric Charge Constantly Maintained? One of the Greatest Unsolved Problems of the Science of Atmospheric Electricity

By W. F. G. Swann

New "Eyes" for the Sealing Fleet

Overcoming Time-honored Tradition, the Aviator Has Become a Valuable Addition to the Sealing Industry

By E. L. Chicanot

Another Astronomical Puzzle Solved

The Problem of the Nature of the Peculiar "Planetary Nebulae" Gives Way to the Modern Astrophysicist

By Henry Norris Russell

Geophysical Prospecting

Scientific Methods by Which Trained Geologist-Technicians Are Aided in the Search for Hidden Minerals

By A. S. Eve and D. A. Keys

Archery--The New-Old Sport

Primitive Weapon, Now Used in Competitions, Is Made in Cave Man's Style, But By Modern Methods

One-piece Automobile Bodies

Wooden Frame Dispensed With; Body Shell Entirely of Metal, Lock Seamed and Spot Welded

Speed Demons

Remarkable Speed Record of Last Year is Broken

World's Largest Vehicular Tunnel

Built on Land, Towed to Place, and Sunk, Section by Section

By J. Bernard Walker

Where Nature Imitates Man

Usually, Man Imitates Nature. In Copying Prehistoric Implements of Flint, Natural Forces Imitate Man's Handiwork—Not Too Closely, However, for the Expert to Distinguish Them

By J. Reid Moir

On the Road to Anywhere

A Home-built Camp-car Which Has Carried its Owner and Family Many Thousands of Miles

By Richard Rickard Carryl

The Significance of Meteorites

What Is the Origin of Meteorites? To Concoct a Theory Is Easy, But Proof Is Still Lacking

By Frank Wigglesworth Clarke

A Business Man Turns Explorer

Pulverized Coal Goes to Sea

Trial Trip of Shipping Board's Freighter, Converted to Use This Fuel, Is a Success

By F. D. McHugh

Marvels of Lamp and Tube Manufacture

Rattlesnake Farming

Caring for Reptiles Assures a Constant Supply of Valuable Venom for Making Serum

By Uthai Vincent Wilcox

Driving Practice, Golf Club Press and more

Helpful Accessories Allow Greater Concentration On the Finer Points

Model Plane That Runs on Compressed Air, Apparatus for High-Frequency Experiments

A Department Devoted to the Presentation of Useful Ideas. Material of Value to All Will Be Found Here

Lacquer Solvents, New Sources of Cellulose and more


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, May 1928

  • The Month in Medical Science, May 1928

  • Camper's Knife, Eye-Comfort Cards and more

  • Making Fiber Board from Wood Chips, An Electric Bug House and more

  • A Circular Airport, "Air Service, American Expeditionary Force" and more

  • The Back Yard Astronomer

  • Chemists Still Fail to Rival Rubber Tree, Moth-Proofing Fabrics and more

  • Radio Patents Before Marconi, Light-socket Aerials and more

  • The Heavens in May 1928

  • British Patents in the United States Navy, Unused Patents Will be Strictly Construed and more

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