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What is an Atom?

The Newest Concept of the Atom Is Known as the "Schrodinger" Atom. What Is Its Fundamental Nature?

By Paul R. Heyl

Towing Tests Solve Ship-power Problems

Can We Grow Our Own Rubber?

Guayule, a Native American Rubber-producing Shrub, Is Being Cultivated on a Large Scale in California.

By D. T. MacDougal

A Mammoth Railroad Fill

Original Timber Trestle Is Replaced, First By Steel Bridge, Then By Massive Earth Fill

By J. Bernard Walker

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Events, July 1928

Problems of Solar Research

Many Perplexing Puzzles Have Given Way to Astrophysical Research, but Enough Remain to Keep Astrophysicists Occupied

By Henry Norris Russell

Man's First Mechanical Achievement

Ancient Man's Stone Implements Passed Through a Definite Evolution

By J. Reid Moir

Muskrats to Order

The Fur of These Once Lowly Rodents Now Forms the Basis of Profitable Farming Projects

By E. L. Chicanot

How Old are the Everlasting Hills?

Dating the Geologic Age of Mountain Ranges Involves a Careful Investigation of Many Kinds of Evidence

By Edward W. Berry

Unhairing Hides

Good Leather Now Made Faster By Discovery of How Lime Removes Hair From Prepared Hides

By Robert W. Griffith

Where the Forest Meets the Laboratory

Glacial Age Man in New Mexico

Remarkable Discoveries Made in the West Again Raise the Question, "How Old Is Man in America"?

By Harold J. Cook

How the Weather Man Outreaches the Airplane

The Great Siberian Meteorite

An Account of the Most Remarkable Astronomical Event of the Twentieth Century, from Official Records

By Chas. P. Olivier

A Miniature Meteor Crater

A Circular, Crater-like Depression in Esthonia Bears at Least Superficial Resemblance to the Famous Crater in Arizona

By Albert G. Ingalls

Traffic Regulation

An Analysis of Accident Causes, and Suggestions for Correction. Traffic Beacons and Safety Zones Can be Made of Great Value When Properly Placed

By Guy Kelsey

The Month in Medical Science, July 1928

A Review and Commentary on Progress in the Medical and Surgical Field

By Morris Fishbein

Who are the Mysterious Bearded Indians?--II

Many Scientists Believe that the Cultures of Central and South America Were Brought from the Old World by Oceanic Invaders Who Crossed the South Pacific in Canoes--The "Diffusionist" Theory...

By A. Hyatt Verrill

"Movie" Illusions--Their Creation

Is Concrete Better than Cross-ties?

Test Section of Rigid Roadbed, Used a Year, Shows Superiority Over Ballasted Track

By F. D. McHugh

Folding Boat, Automatic Bilge Pump and more

California's First Oil Well is Still Producing

Drilled in 1870, By the Spring-pole Method, the Well Still Yields About Four Barrels of Oil Daily

By Herbert Otis Warren

London's New Post-office Subway

"Passing Boulogne!"

Huge Radio Station at Croydon Serves British Airways

By A. P. Peck


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, July 1928

  • Detachable Wringer, Dish Washer and more

  • Track-Laying Barrow, Hack-saw for Sheet Metal and more

  • Visualizing Atomic Structures, Tall Buildings Protect Neighbors From Lightning and more

  • The Keystone "Pirate", Airship Hangars, and more

  • Removing Bootblack Stains, Oxygen Used to Fight Pneumonia and more

  • The Back Yard Astronomer

  • Perfect Reception in Hawaii, Custom-built Sets and more

  • The Heavens in July 1928

  • A Design of not a Product, Patents in Soviet Russia, and more

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