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Bird Secrets Revealed By Bracelets

Ornithologists Find the Answers to Many Important Questions About Birds By Banding Their Legs

By Walter E. Burton

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Events, August 1928

Neanderthal Man Not Our Ancestor

An Early Controversy, Once Apparently Settled, Has Been Revived By a Recent Utterance

By G. Elliot Smith

Big Game Fishing in New Zealand Seas*

The Sportsman and the Scientist Work Hand in Hand to Provide Specimens for Museums

By Zane Grey

Giving Scales a Variety of Jobs

Balance Scales Now Used for Many Purposes Besides Simple Weighing

What Becomes of the Starlight?

If Space Is Infinite and Finally Empty, the Energy Radiated From the Stars Must Go On Forever; But if Space is "Curved"—What Then?

By Henry Norris Russell

Farming Under Paper

Crops Will Be Bigger, Earlier, More Numerous and Produced With Less Labor When We Grow Them By the Method Now Used With Tremendous Success to Raise Pineapples In Hawaii

By Milton Wright

Priest-Professor Conducts Daring Exploration

Conowingo—Huge Hydroelectric Plant

New Development On the Susquehanna River in Maryland Possesses Several "World's Largest" Features

By A. G. Cherry

The "Lunch Wagon" Modernized

Who Were the Prehistoric Mimbrenos of New Mexico?

Evidences of a Peculiar People Whose Culture Differed from that of the Other Early Inhabitants of the Southwest

By George A. Wallis

The Story of the Shade Roller

Five Factories and Two Thousand Employees Today Are Kept Busy Producing the Spring-Operated Window-Shades Which Stewart Hartshorn Patented in 1864

By Milton Wright

Date Growing in the United States

Old World Planting Stock and American Cultural Methods Are Combined to Produce Large Crops

Can We Go To Mars?

A Physicist's Solution of Approach to a Fascinating Problem, the Which Is, However, Far Away

By James R. Randolph

Burning Steel to Form Machine Parts

Three Centuries of Natural Philosophy

During Many Barren Centuries, Science Crept. Its Recent and Rapid Advances Have Nearly All Pivoted On the Genius of a Few Individuals

By W. F. G. Swann

Enter Chromium Plating

Process Is Successful After Years of Study and Perfection of New Treatment

Sun Dials and Sun Dialling

There Are Sun Dials of Many Types to Suit the Purse and Skill of Every Amateur Who Enjoys the Pursuit of a Scientific Hobby

By Russell W. Porter


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, August 1928

  • The Month In Medical Science, August 1928

  • Can Opener, Wooden Candles and more, August 1928

  • Self-Winding Watch, Coin-Slot Golf Game and More

  • Similar Birthmarks in Five Generations, Motion-Picture Photomicrography Simplified and more

  • Flight Without Power, Towing Gliders and more

  • Accelerated Test of Paint Checks Exposure, Uncle Sam Extends Helium Production and more

  • Oil-Cooled Tubes, Amateur Regulations and more

  • The Back Yard Astronomer, August 1928

  • The Heavens in August 1928

  • Safety Pins, Exporters Beware and more

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