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Among the "Blacks" of Western Australia

A White Man Visits One of Their Villages and Witnesses Their Odd Tribal Dances and Customs

By Clark Wissler

From the Scrap-Book of Science, September 1928

Three Centuries of Natural Philosophy

Although Science Has Apparently Come of Age, Only the Short-Sighted Dare Predict That It Has Passed Its Vigor

By W. F. G. Swann

Animating Jupiter

For the First Time Direct Motion Pictures of a Rotating Planet Have Been Made-- Astronomical Correspondence from England

By Henry Norris Russell

Taming a Turbulent Torrent

Unique Concrete Withstand Forms for Preventing Disastrous Erosion St. Francis Dam Break Flood

By E. T. Scott

Byrd's Proposed Antarctic Route

Naval Adequacy--I

Naval Bases Constitute a Primary Element of Naval Strength. The United States Has But a Few, Many of Which Are Woefully Inadequate

By N. H. Goss

Extinct Animals of California

Fossil Remains of Creatures Which Lived Thousands of Years Ago Have Been Exhumed in California

By Charles H. Sternberg

When Art Replaces Ugliness

A Section of the Slums of Philadelphia Has Been Eliminated, and in Its Place Now Stands an Architecturally Beautiful Art Center

Rocking Again the Cradle of Flight

Pioneers Celebrate In Hammondsport the Days That Made Aviation History

By Milton Wright

In the World's Largest Hotel

Drafting Aids

Tools Designed to Speed the Engineer's Work

Rendering Visible a Magnetic Field

An Account of the Accidental Discovery of a Peculiar Phenomenon Which May Later be Set to Practical Work. The Experiment May be Duplicated by Amateurs

By Elihu Thomson

Three Years Abaft the Mast

What the Non-magnetic Ship "Carnegie" Is Doing for Science On Her Three-Year Cruise

By James Stokley

The Economics of Dirt Farming

By Frank Byers

The Caisson Slipped

Righting a Bridge Pillar Foundation Is One of the Hardest Tasks Engineers Ever Attempted--and Accomplished

By Lloyd Llewellyn


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, September 1928

  • The Month in Medical Science, September 1928

  • Apple Corer, Out-of-the-Way Rack and more

  • Tennis Ball Re-Napper, Portable Motor-Driven Air Pump and more

  • All Welded Gas Holder, Radium Rays Test Flaws In Castings and more

  • A Net of Weather Stations, The Bellanca Sesquiplane and more

  • The Chemistry of Faded Colors, Causes of Defects in Canned Foods and more

  • Instrument Tests Radio Reproducers, Grid-Suppressor Value and more

  • The Back Yard Astronomer, September 1928

  • The Heavens in September 1928

  • Hooks and Eyes, The Crowded Art of Slot Machines and more

  • Patents Recently Issued, September 1928

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