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The World of the Dog

Dogs Are Often Blamed for Shortcomings Really Due to Fundamental Differences of the Senses. How Would It Seem to Be a Dog

By C. J. Warden

Why the Moon is Apparently Ahead of Its Computed Position

From the Scrap-book of Science, October 1928

Youth Hankers to Fly

Tired of Being Earth-bound, Many Young Men Are Learning to Fly at Uncle Sam's Expense

By F. D. McHugh

World Astronomers Meet

Every Six Years an International Convention of Astronomers Is Held. What Kind of Affairs Are Transacted at These Cosmopolitan Gatherings?

By Henry Norris Russell

New Languages from Old

How Secrecy Is Gained by the Inversion of Speech Sounds

By Clyde R. Keith

The Kubu Forestmen of Sumatra

An Expedition to One of the Most Primitive Peoples on Earth, Who Dwell in the Primeval Forests

By Tassilo Adam

Farming the "Beefsteak" Oyster

The Month in Medical Science, October 1928

A Review and Commentary on Progress in the Medical and Surgical Field

By Morris Fishbein

Naval Adequacy--II

Ships in a Wide Variety of Types and Classes Are Needed By a Navy to Perform Numerous Duties During War or Peace-time

By N. H. Goss

X-Rays Reveal Diseases of Ancient Egyptians

Primitive versus Modern Methods of Mint Farming

Menthol, Distilled From Oil of Peppermint and Used in Medicaments and Confectionery, Is Produced at a Lower Price by Japanese Mint Farmers Than by Americans With Better Equipment and Methods...

Combating the "Bends"

Careful Regulation of Working Hours, and Better Equipment, Lessen the Danger to Workers Under Pressure

By Albert A . Hopkins

Exploring in Palestine and Transjordania

An American Explorer Tells of His Travels and Discoveries in the Holy Land

By W. L. Calver

Why Is a Radio Soprano Unpopular

Present-day Radio Laws and Radio Equipment Make Proper Reproduction of Soprano's High Notes Impossible

By John F. Rider

The Menace of Increasing Population

The World Is Filling Up At a Wholly Unprecedented Rate, and An Avalanche of Trouble Threatens It. What Is the Remedy?

By George H. Knibbs

Motor Sleeping Coach

Up Snow-clad Peaks

Climbing a Mountain of the Rockies Where Glaciers Are Plentiful

By Herbert Otis Warren

One Machine Fills a Huge Plant

Greatest Automatic Machine in the Automotive Industry Receives and Inspects Strip Steel and Turns Out Completed Frames Almost Untouched by Human Hands


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, October 1928

  • Salt and Pepper Shaker, Indoor Folding Clothes Rack and more

  • All Metal Guitars, Marcel Waver and more

  • Lincoln Highway Signed with Concrete Posts, Locomotive Has Front End Cab and more

  • Intercollegiate Flying Contests, Popularizing the Glider and more

  • Movies by Radio, Sweden Heads Europe With 53.6 Radio Sets to Every 1000 People and more

  • Asphalt Emulsion for Curing Concrete, Electro-Plating on Aluminum and more

  • The Back Yard Astronomer, October 1928

  • The Heavens in October 1928

  • Good to the Last Bite, The Fountain Pen Invention and more

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