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The Orang Lahut

A Peculiar Malay People of Sumatra Who Pass Their Entire Existence in Boats

By Tassilo Adam

World's Largest Electrically-Propelled Passenger Ships

From the Scrap-book of Science, November 1928

There is a Lot to Just Sitting or Standing

Anatomical Studies Show that Man Has Not Yet Become Adapted to the Erect Position. His Everyday Working Efficiency is Governed by His Posture

By Donald A. Laird

It Reknits Hosiery

Run-Repairer Is Worth Millions

Wave Atoms

A Scientist Explains Further the Inwardness of the New Schrodinger Atom Concept

By Paul R. Heyl

San Francisco's Memorial Museum

A Gift to the California City, This Magnificent Building Is a Replica of the Palace of the Legion of Honor

By Charles W. Geiger and Ruth Sabichi


The First of a Series of Articles on the Mechanics of Wheels in Vehicle Suspension, Propulsion, and Steering, and the Gyrostatics of Wheel Wobble

By P. Cormac

Asteroid Hunting

Astronomers Now Conduct the Search for Asteroids or "Pocket Planets" by Modern Mass-Production Methods. Is There an Undiscovered Planet Beyond Neptune?

By Henry Norris Russell

Naval Adequacy--III

Comparison of Naval Strength in Ships, of Great Britain, Japan, and the United States, Shows the Weakness of Our Fleet

By N. H. Goss

"Movie" Film as Aid to Banking

The Month in Medical Science, November 1928

A Review and Commentary on Progress in the Medical and Surgical Fields

By Morris Fishbein

The Brace and Bit Plant

The Seed of the Bizarre Colorado Grass Automatically Bores Its Way Deep Into the Soil

By Oliver B. Finn

Speeding Up a Railroad Yard

Automatic Switching Equipment Takes the Place of Yardmen for Sorting Cars in a Freight Terminal

By James R. Randolph

Creatures of Perpetual Night

An Account of An Expedition to the Ozarks in Search of the Blind Salamander

By G. Kingsley Noble

Stocking Up An Expedition's Larders

Byrd's Three Ships, Bound For the Antarctic, Are Loaded With Necessities and Incidentals For a Long, Hard Trip

By V. I. Cooper

Did Old Stone Age Man Inhabit Ireland?

New Evidence, Adding a Chapter to Irish Pre-history, Is Hotly Contested by Irish Anthropologists

By J. Reid Moirs

Co-operation Extends Hospital's Scope

Massive Skyscraper' Houses Consolidated Institutions


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, November 1928

  • Hydraulic Drain Pump, Cookery Parchment and more

  • Lawn Rake, Iceless Water Cooler and more

  • Lightning Stroke Electrocutes Tree, Safeguarding an Oil Tanker and more

  • Developing Motion Pictures in the Air, Parachutes for the Entire Plane and more

  • Tiny Tablet Sterilizes Drinking Water, Dust Induces Rain and more

  • Tracing the Radio Echo, First Paid Radio Message and more

  • The Back Yard Astronomer, November 1928

  • The Heavens in November 1928

  • The Court Learns About Hooks and Slices, Lincoln and Invention and more

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