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The Oldest Known Surgical Treatise

Nearly 5000 Years Ago the Egyptians Had Made Remarkable Advances in the Surgical Treatment of Human Ills

By James Henry Breasted

A Prehistoric Scene in Mongolia

From The Scrap-Book of Science, December 1928

The Secret of the Bladderwort

This Carnivorous Aquatic Plant Is An Efficient Trapper of Small Animals. The Mechanism of Its Trap, A Unique Device Which Operates by Suction, Has Recently Been Discovered

By Alexander F. Skutch

Calculating Orbits

How the Astronomer Works Out the Orbit of a New Planet. There Is Still Work Enough in Sight to Keep a Single Expert Busy for Ten Thousand Years

By Henry Norris Russell

Wooden Highways that Carry Rivers

Wooden Pipe Lines, First Used by the Ancients, Now Built In Gigantic Sizes

By Lawrence W. Pedrose

New Scientific Paintings Outline The Earth's History


Despite the Claim, Frequently Made, That One Can Accustom One's Self to Work in Noise, Scientific Research Shows That It Lowers Efficiency

By Donald A. Laird

Engine Ingenuity

Novel Means Have Been Devised for Using Tractors to Lower Costs

The New North

Will Canada's Immense Northwestern Area of Untouched Prairie, Forest, and Tundra See the Next Great Wave of Economic Development?

By E. L. Chicanot

Anomaly Island

Strange Animals Adapted to a Unique Environment Give the Picturesque Island of Dominica Its Peculiar Local Color

By Paul Griswold Howes

Naval Adequacy-IV

Balancing Our Fleet as Suggested by the Navy Building Program, Together With an Agreement for Further Limitations, Will Insure Against War

By N. H. Goss

The Month in Medical Science, December 1928

A Review and Commentary on Progress in the Medical and Surgical Fields

By Morris Fishbein


In this Installment, the Author Deals-With Bicycle, Dicycle, Tricycle and Four-Wheeled Vehicle Steering

By P. Cormac

A Monumental Stone Forest

Spectrographic Analysis

To a Growing Extent Industries and Laboratories Are Making Use of This Method of Determination, Simple and Far More Sensitive than Chemical Analysis

By Earle E. Schumacher

Some Unique Methods Of Dam Construction

Building of Dams On the Gigantic Mokelumne Project Requires Much Ingenuity

By Charles W. Geiger

Our Latest Peace Insurance

With World War Experience As a Guide, Ordnance Experts Prepare, Not For, But Against Another War

By F. D. McHugh

Locomotive, Climbing Tractor and more


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, December 1928

  • Insect Controller, Non-slip Hanger and more

  • Fibrous Wall Insulation, Daylight Lamp and more

  • Evolution of a Tanning by-Product, End-Squaring and Packaging Lumber and more

  • Research Extends Application of Gas Fuel, Health Hazard in Chromium Plating and more

  • Experiments in Fog Flying, Aviation Safety Congress and more

  • Television Abroad, How to Powerize Your Receiver and more

  • The Back Yard Astronomer, December 1928

  • The Heavens in December 1928

  • The Flying Paster, Stopping Leaks in Radiators

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