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The Clean and Honest Eskimos

In Honesty, Truthfulness and Friendliness the "Inuits" of the Arctic Circle Are at Least the Equal other Civilized White Man

By Donald A. Cadzow

What Things Are Made Of—I

The New Physical Concept of the Universe. It is a Composite of Three Things—Protons, Electrons, and Photons

By Arthur H. Compton

From the Scrap-book of Science, February 1929

Chemical Alarm Clocks Arouse Sleepy Plants

Tubers, Shrubs, and Flowers Begin Their Natural Activity Ahead of Nature's Schedule in Response to Chemical Accelerators

By A. E. Buchanan Jr.

A Use for Everything

Finding A Sale for Products Which Heretofore Have Cost Money to Dispose of, Is the Newest of Professions

By Milton Wright

We Offer a Medal for Safety at Sea

New Equipment Is Needed to Prevent Disasters and Loss of Life at Sea

The Month In Medical Science, February 1929

A Review and Commentary on Progress in the Medical and Surgical Fields

By Morris Fishbein

With "Fuzzies" After Ibex

Scientists Turn Big-game Hunters as They Pursue the Elusive Ibex In the Red Sea Hills of Sudan

By H. E. Anthony

Picturing Skill in Golf

A Newly Devised System of Charts Enables Golf Enthusiasts to Follow Intelligently Championship Matches

By Chas B. Brewer

The Hunt for the Hub of the Universe

New Research Reveals the Long Sought Hiding Place of the Central Nucleus of the Galaxy, Confirming the Belief that We Live in a Spiral Nebula

By Henry Norris Russell

In The Birthplace of Pure Iron

Removing Impurities From Smelted Iron Greatly Increases Its Usefulness

The "Sinking" Tower of Pisa

By Alert G. Ingalls

A Pre-cast Seven Mile Bridge

Concrete Bridge Across the Bay Below San Francisco Is Made Up almost Entirely of Pre-cast Units

By Charles W. Geiger

Type-setting by Telegraph

A British Destroyer Leader--We Have None

Great Britain and Japan Have Built Many Ships of This World War Experience. The Important Type Which Was Developed as a Result of United States Has Built None

The Romans in East Anglia

New Excavations Reveal Fresh Evidences of the Roman Occupation of Ancient Britain

By J. Reid Moir

Sing Sing Past and Present

Society Segregates and Educates the Anti-Social in the World's Most Famous Prison

Investing in Aviation

The Recent Boom in the Aviation Industry Has Made it Doubly Necessary for the Prospective Investor to Investigate the Situation Thoroughly

By Alexander Klemin

World's Largest Hall Seats 40,000 People

Massive Structure Beside the Famous Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Built to Take Care of Huge Conventions

Salt from the Sea

Work Bench has Built-Tool Chest, One-Piece Hammer: New Saw Blade and more


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, February 1929

  • Household Inventions - Paring Hook, Flower Holder and more

  • Lafayette Dam Failure, The 1928 West Indies Storm and more

  • "Self-Resourse" for Gas-Filled Mines, Novel Drying Trick Applied in Dynamite Manufacture and more

  • The Chicago Air Show, ILA and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, February 1929

  • The Back Yard Astronomer, February 1929

  • The Heavens in February 1929

  • Are We Slowing Down?, Employers' Shop Rights and more

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