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Inside the "Graf Zeppelin"

The United States Official Observer on the Monster Dirigible's Flight to America, Tells the Details of Its Construction

By C. E Rosendahl

Planes for Private Flying

A Comprehensive Survey of the Aviation Field, as it Concerns the Individual Who Desires to Purchase a Plane for Personal Use

By Alexander Klemin

Does Our Universe Rotate?

Accumulated Evidence Indicates that the Whole Galaxy of Billions of Stars Rotates in About 100,000,000 Years

By Henry Norris Russell

Weighing the Earth From a Submarine

The Purpose and Scientific Significance of the Determinations of Gravity at Sea Recently Given Wide Publicity by the Press

By William Bowie

How I Built my Glider

An Amateur Tells of His Successful Experiment in Constructing and Flying a Glider

By Edmund James

Camera Shots of Scientific Events, March 1929

Air-Mail Pick Up and Release

The First Detailed Description of a Device Which May Become a Vital Factor in Speeding Up Aerial Transportation

Builders of the Aviation Industry

Back of the Flyers Are the Men Who Are Making of Aeronautics a Giant Industry

By Milton Wright

What Things are Made of-II

The Paradox of Light; Einstein and the Photoelectric Effect; Peculiar X-Ray Echoes; Photons and Electrons; The Paradox of Particles and Waves

By Arthur H. Compton

Radio Guides the Airway Traveler

Radio Beacons Provide Increased Safety In Fog and Storm

By Armstrong Perry

New York's New Railroad Bus Station

Motor Coach Service, a Permanent Link in a Great Railroad System, Has a Fine New Terminal In Manhattan

Super-High-Speed Alloy

New Tool Metal, Next to the Diamond In Hardness, Solves Many Machining Problems

By Samuel L. Hoyt

The Devil Motorizes

A Hades of Iron and Steel, and Assorted Imps, Occupy the Stage

Aluminum on Trial

Cooking Utensils Made of Aluminum Are Shown to Have No Harmful Effects on Food

By Albert A. Hopkins

Seeking the Secrets of Lightning

Science in the Distribution of Fish

One Of Man's Oldest Industries Rejuvenated By the Adoption of Scientific Methods

By Harden F. Taylor

The Jovian Face Changes

Lake and Land Below Sea Level In North Carolina Is Reclaimed For Farming

Drained Tract is New World Netherlands

Lake and Land Below Sea Level in North Carolina is Reclaimed for Farming

By G. S. Carraway

Folding Service Tray Carried with One Hand, New Coffee Urn and more


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, March 1929

  • The Month in Medical Science, March 1929

  • Single-Leg Table, Lamp Switch And Lighter and more

  • Airplane Design Competition, A New Type of Landing Field and more

  • World's Largest Steam Locomotive, Britain Plants for New Forests and more

  • Spontaneous Heating of Coal, Electronic Bombardment Said to Synthesize Rubber and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, March 1929

  • The Back Yard Astronomer, March 1929

  • The Heavens in March 1929

  • Patent Office Falls Behind, Safety in Secrecy and more

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