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Have Plants a Heart Beat?

Using Great Refinement of Technique, an American Research Worker Repeats the Much Debated, Controversial Scientific Experiments of Sir Jagadis Bose, With Surprising Results

By G. A. Persson

From the Scrap-book of Science, May 1929

Where the River Shannon Flows

A Huge Hydro-electric Plant, Being Built on This Great River, Will Add Greatly to Ireland's Power Supply

By F. D. McHugh

New Discoveries at Ur

Excavation of Five Predynastic Royal Tombs May Explain the Origin of the Sumerian Kings of Ur

By Leon Legrain

Electric Thermometers for the Stars

The Eye Is No Judge of the Heat which Each Star Radiates, but a Thermo-Couple Measures It with Precision. The Hotter a Star the Greater the Proportion of Its Radiation We Perceive Visually, but the Very Hottest Stars Radiate Mainly in the Ultra-Violet...

By Henry Norris Russell

Farm-waste Profits: Best Farm Relief

Utilization of Waste Is Seen As the Surest Hope of the Farmer

By Robert Stewart

Naval Aerologists

Weather Predictors, Naval By-products, Are Trained in Intensive New Course

By W. D. Puleston

The New Outlook in Physics

"We Have, Indeed, Far to Go: We Have as Yet But Scratched the Surface of Things"

By Oliver Lodge

The Month in Medical Science, May 1929

A Review and Commentary on Progress in the Medical and Surgical Fields

By Morris Fishbein

The Vanishing American Indian Medicine-Man

With the Passing of the Tribal Wise Men, the Secrets of the Remedies Used by These Primitive Practitioners Are Being Lost to the World

By Donald A. Cadzow

A New Life-boat for Greater Safety at Sea

From Bamboo Forests to Fishing Rods

The Modern Split-Bamboo Fishing Rod Is a Far Cry From the Crude "Pole" of Boyhood Days

The Guns Against the Airplane

New Anti-aircraft Materiel and Fire Control Methods Put the Airplane in its Place as an Important War Auxiliary

By G. M. Barnes

Putting it Over with "Movies"

Advertisers Adopt the Use of Motion Pictures to Promote Good Will, "Educate" Prospective Clients, and Sell "Hard-to-Advertise" Products and Service

By Henry W. Hough

New Evidences of Ancient Man in America

Unusual Skeletal Remains Recently Discovered in Texas Suggest Further Investigation Before the Hypothesis of Ancient Man in America Is Abandoned

By Cyrus N. Ray

Scientific Examination of Paintings

Mute Evidences of Authenticity Yield Their Testimony to the Skilled Scrutiny of the Scientist

By Francis P. Mann

Is the Engineer Alert?

Train Control Apparatus Stops Train Automatically if for Any Reason the Engineer Fails to Respond to Signals

Solar Research for Amateurs-II

How to Construct the Spectrohelioscope, Which Reveals Solar Phenomena In Actual Motion

By George Ellery Hale

The Three Best Light Planes

Besides a Cash Award, a Gold Medal Will Be Given for the Best Design. Medals Also for Two Next Best

Mechanical Etching in Wood

Decorative Woodwork Etched with Modern Mechanical Equipment Rivals the Hand-Carved Creations of Old World Artisans

By Lawrence WM. Pedrose

Dog Teams Race in California

Largest Amateur Telescope, May 1929

How a Twenty-one Inch Mirror For a Home-made Reflector Was Completed by Hand

By George H. Hamilton

Rag-Picking as Big Business

In Washington, D.C., Household Refuse Is Collected by the Municipal Government and Much of it Is Reclaimed

By G. H. Dacy


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, May 1929

  • Novel Rug for Playing Games, Doorknob Lock and more

  • Extra Wheels on Buses for Greater Safety, Two World's Largest Generators and more

  • An Interesting Light Plane, Practical Flying and more

  • Chemical Effects of a Meat Diet, Improvements Modernize Sulfuric Acid Manufacture and more

  • Current Bulletin BriefsWhy People Believe Conspiracy Theories, May 1929

  • The Back Yard Astronomer, May 1929

  • The Heavens in May 1929

  • Lumber Exporters Urged to Use Brand, Inventors and Engineers Lauded and more

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