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Sleeping with the Eyes Open

Scientific Research Demonstrates That a Motorist or Anyone May Actually Be Asleep, Even if the Eyes Are Seen to Be Open

By Walter Miles

Modern One-Man Orchestras

Organs for the Church, Theater, and Home Require Skilled Workmanship if They Are to Render Good Service

By Albert A. Hopkins

Architects as Room Designers

The Strangest Thing in Physics

Why Water at Its Boiling Point Weighs a Little More Than at a Freezing Temperature. Old Concepts, and Even Laws, Are Broken Down by The New Physics

By Paul R. Heyl

"Firsts" in Aviation

Work Progresses on Mightiest Bridge

Hudson River Span Is Scheduled for Completion in 1932. The Towers are Rising Rapidly

The Highest Known Velocity

Astrophysicists Have Just Determined that One Universe of Stars Is Moving Through Space at Five Thousand Times the Speed of a Rifle Bullet

By Henry Norris Russell

From the Scrap-book of Science, June 1929

Prospecting with Artificial Earthquakes

How Hidden Mineral-Bearing Formations are Sought by the Seismic Method

By Karl L. Kithil

The Month in Medical Science, June 1929

A Review and Commentary on Progress in the Medical and Surgical Fields

By Morris Fishbein

The Search for the First American

Most Anthropologists Accept the Theory that Man Reached the New World by Way of Alaska. New and Immense Excavations for Gold, if Given Attention, Might Also Reveal Evidences of This Early Emigration...

By Ernest N. Patty

Education Adopts the Motion Picture

Films Prepared to Supplement the School Curriculum Prove Their Worth in Education's Greatest Experiment

By Elizabeth Richey Dessez

Pointers from a Pen Maker

A Fountain Pen Combined With a Mechanical Pencil is the Latest Successful Product of a Veteran Inventor

By Milton Wright

The Mystery, Desolation and Grandeur of Death Valley

Egyptian Vandalism 3400 Years Ago

How Posthumous Fame was Denied to a Female Usurper of the Throne of Egypt

Aerodynamic Wind Mills

Airplane Science is Applied to Wind Mills for Greater Power and Efficiency

Television Advances

With Powerful Transmitting Stations Furnishing Radio Vision Broadcasts on Schedule, Receivers Are Being Developed and Tested by Thousands of "Lookers in"

By A. P. Peck

Protecting Paintings for Posterity

Various Branches of Science Are Combining to Foil the Arts of the Faker of Paintings

By Francis P. Mann

Roman Engineering Triumphs

Vast Systems of Aqueducts Built by Roman Emperors Have Commanded Much Admiration From Ancients and Moderns Alike

Our Light-Airplane Design Contest

Wasteful Cotton Baling Methods

Southern Farmers Retain Old Methods Despite the Fact That Much Waste Results. A More Efficient Method Exists and Is Slowly Coming Into Use

By H. D. Martin

Early Indians of Florida

The Amateur Astronomer, June 1929

Index To Volume 140, January-June, 1929


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, June 1929

  • Top Remover, Floor Polisher and more

  • Simplified Lenard Ray Tube Gives Science New Tool, "Squirting" Cold Copper Into Tubes and more

  • The Railroads in Aviation, Accident Analysis and more

  • Natural Gas Byproducts Find New Uses, White "Blue-Prints" and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, June 1929

  • The Heavens in June 1929

  • Chemistry and the "Bright Lights", Corrosion Proofing Gives Dark Colored Surface and more

  • State Royalty Tax Held Illegal, Process for Breaking up Oil Emulsions Denied Patent and more

  • Patents Recently Issued, June 1929

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