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Reindeer as a Source of Food

Vast Pasturages in Alaska Can Support Five Million Reindeer to Supplement Our Decreasing Cattle Supply

By Carl J. Lomen

Camera Shots of Scientific Events, August 1929


These Lowly Microscopic Forms of Life Provide a Fascinating Hobby for the Amateur Scientist, but Their Industrial Uses give them Immense Economic Significance

By Harold McFadden

Giant Inhabitants of Our Continent, more than 100,000,000 Years Ago

The 'Old Rubber Cow:' The Blimp

Non-rigid Scouting and Observation Dirigible of War-time Is Slow but Sure; It Has Great Commercial Possibilities

By John T. Rowland

What the World Owes to South Africa

Not Only the Fruits and Grains and Flowering Plants, But the Birds and the Mammals, Including Man Himself, Are Believed to Have Evolved in South Africa

By R. Broom

Novel Features of the O'Shaughnessy Dam

Inspection Galleries and Pre-cast Concrete Sections in Large Dam

By C. W. Geiger

Our Crop-Destroying Insect Pests

Man Struggle With the Insects Becomes Increasingly Intense as We Are Attacked by More Formidable Foes

By Henry W. Hough

What is Wrong with Men's Clothing

Women's Clothing--Light Thin, Ventilated, Hygienic--Has Been Rationalized. Men Still Wear Winter Clothing in Summer, and their Clothing Reduces their Efficiency all the Time. A Revision is Due...

By Donald A. Laird

Catering for the Denizens of the "Zoo"

Fungi that Kill

Certain Fungus Forms of Life Attack and Destroy House Flies, Mosquitoes, Caterpillars, Butterflies, and Fishes

By E. Bade

The Truth About Snake Stories*

Fish Stories Pale While Snake Stories Hold the Fort, for There Is Usually Not a Word of Truth in Them

By Karl P. Schmidt

The Camel's Hump*

In It He Carries An Auxiliary Food Supply

By W. P. Pycraft

The Puzzle of the Major Planets

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, Formerly Thought to be Hot, Are Now Suspected of Being Extremely Frigid, With Oceans Frozen Solid Thousands of Miles in Depth

By Henry Norris Russell

Shooting Wild Life With a 'Movie' Camera

Goat Costumes and Improvised "Blinds" Enable Scientists to Obtain Interesting Records of Animals in Their Native Haunts

By Arthur Newton Pack

Learning to Fly From the Ground up

Students in Flying School Study Design and Construction in Airplane Factory

By H. Chase Stone

Off with the Old Antlers and on with the New

Foiling the Burglar—II

The Time Element Versus the Burglar. A Continual Battle of Keen Minds

By A. A. Hopkins

More Light on Sumerian Culture

The Loon Poses for the Camera

Photographs Taken From a Blind at Close Range Reveal the Home Life of this Timid American Water Fowl

By Frank N. Wilson

Pioneering for a Cape to Cairo Highway

A Young Englishman, Driving an American Car, Demonstrates the Feasibility of Establishing a Motor Route Across Africa

By Gerry Bouwer

Last Call for Light Airplane Design Contest

The Home of the Honey Bees

Nature's Nectar Collectors Exhibit Rare Skill in Constructing Their Waxen Combs

By J. H. Merrill

The Amateur Astronomer, August 1929


  • Departments

    Back of Frontispiece, August 1929

  • Reindeer With Horns in the Velvet

  • Our Point of View, August 1929

  • A Bird's Companionate Marriage, Vast Supply of Anthracite Chokes Rivers and more

  • How Many Airplanes in 1936, Cowling to Reduce Drag and more

  • The Danger from X-Ray Films, Fish Tapeworm Infestation and more

  • What is Petroleum, Sulfur in Air Attacks Drying Wash and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, August 1929

  • The Heavens in August 1929

  • Peroxide also Bleaches Cereals, New Oil for Old

  • Employer Restrained from Using Patent, The Patent Attorney--Friend or Enemy and more

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