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Looking Ahead With the Editor, September 1929

October-Aviation Number

Canned Astronomy

What the New Planetariums for Chicago and Philadelphia Will Be Like

By Albert G. Ingalls

From the Scrap-Book of Science, September 1929

Licorice the Versatile

This Age-old Sweetmeat, Medicine, and Sacred Herb Links the Modern World With Ancient Peoples and Religion

Uncle Sam Gives Us New Money

Why Does an Oil Gusher Gush?

An Understanding of the Importance of Natural Gas Replaces Misconceptions About "Oil Pools" and "Rock Pressure"

By Arthur P. Woollacott

Charting Canada's Wilderness from the Air

Rich Mineral Areas Amid Lakes and Forests of Northern Canada Mapped Accurately for the First Time

By James Montagnes

Our Army's Mechanized Force

The Tank Promises to Force a Reorganization of Armies for It Is Now Much More Formidable Than During World War Days

By Levin H. Campbell

What Becomes of the Star Light?

The Stars Send Out Their Light into Empty Space. Does It Go On Forever? If Not, Where Does It End?

By Henry Norris Russell

Is the Airplane Diesel Practical?

A Summary of the Opinions, pro and con, of Men High in the Aeronautical Industry

By Reginald M. Cleveland

Silvering the World's Largest Telescope

A Witness Describes This Fascinating Process

Foiling the Burglar--III

The Invisible Guardians of Wealth Are Little Clocks and Disks of Metal

By Albert A. Hopkins

Last Call for Sea-Safety Contest

The Zeppelin's American Home

Two World's Largest Zeppelins for Our Navy Will Be Built in Huge Hangar Now Arising at Akron, Ohio

By Walter E. Burton

Steam Stages a Come-Back

Question of Steam versus Hydro Generation of Power is Being Answered by Improvements in Steam Power Equipment

By R. M. Boykin

Designing Large Telescopes

A Suggestion of the High Engineering Refinement Involved in This Highly Specialized Problem

By J. W. Fecker

World's Largest Vineyard Uses Machinery and Chemical Control

A California Community of Over Two Thousand Five Hundred Depends on Grape By-products Which Can Be Legally Sold

Ancient History from Aloft

A Fascinating Archeological Discovery by Aerial Photography, a Method Now Being Developed in Europe

By J. Reid Moir

Compressed Air Used in Novel Hospital

The "Heat Makes Cold" Refrigeration Unit

The Amateur Astronomer, September 1929


  • Departments

    Among Our Contributors, September 1929

  • Back of Frontispiece, September 1929

  • The Planetarium, and the Lecturer Using an Electric Pointer

  • Our Point of View, September 1929

  • Our Newest Fighting Tank, Portable Flashing Warning Lamp and more

  • The "Flamingo," a Metal Plane, Gliding in Germany and more

  • The Weather and Pain in the Joints, Arsenical Poisoning and more

  • Hydrogenation Comes to Revolutionize Gasoline Production, Organic Substances Reduce Boiler Scale and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, September 1929

  • The Heavens in September 1929

  • Rear Admiral Awarded Damages in Torpedo Plane Patent Suit, Sleeve Valve Motor Held Different From Prior Patent and more

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