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Among our Contributors, October 1929

By Dudley W. Knox

Looking Ahead With the Editor, October 1929

November-- Industrial Number

From the Scrap-book of Science, October 1929

How the Autogiro Flies

A NonTechnical Explanation of the Operation and Performance of the Aircraft Dubbed the "Flying Windmill"

By Earl D. Osborn

The New Queen of the Sea

Monkey - Shines

A Naturalist's Account of Everyday Monkey Life at Home in the Dense Hot South American Jungles

By Paul Griswold Howes

How Shall we Design our Airports?

"Landing Fields" No Longer Suffice; Complete Airports With Every Possible Facility Must Be Designed and Built

By William E. Arthur

Razor Blade Science

Why It Takes Only Five Seconds to Cut Your Whiskers Off

By J. Ferdinand Kayser

That 'Fatal' Tailspin

Most People Have the Wrong Idea of the So-called Tailspin; It Is Not Necessarily Dangerous and Is Preventable

By H. B. Miller

The "Lively" Ball

Tests Conducted by Scientific American to Determine Whether the Present Baseball Is Livelier Than the Old, and if So, Why

By Louis S. Treadwell

What is the Future of Aviation?

"Remarkable as Has Been the Growth of Flying, Still More Vital Developments Seem to Lie Just Ahead"

By Reginald M. Cleveland


Most of the Meteors One Sees Are No Larger Then a Pea. The Majority Come From Far Beyond the Solar System

By Henry Norris Russell

German Dornier Plane Carries 100 Passengers: Has 12 Engines

Naval Reduction and Parity

The Bearing of Past Limitations Discussions Upon Our Present Stand, and a Discussion of the Naval "Yardstick" Proposal

By Captain Dudley W. Knox

A Large Meteor Falls

By C. C. Wylie

American Passenger Air Transport

The Passenger-carrying Airlines of the United States Have Shown Remarkable Growth in the Last Two Years

By Alexander Klemin

Greater Washington Starts to Rise

By Henry W. Hough

From the Archeologist's Note Book

The Detection of Fake Antiquities

The Amateur Astronomer, October 1929


  • Departments

    Back of Frontispiece, October 1929

  • Design for an Ideal Airport, Adequate in all Respects

  • Aviation's Patron Saint

  • Our Point of View, October 1929

  • The Autogiro, Learning to Fly and more

  • Stone Carving by Sand Blasting, New Synthetic Rubber is Made Largely of Waste Materials and more

  • The Month in Medical Science, October 1929

  • Sionon—a Sugar Substitute, Petroleum Products in Insecticides and more

  • Aviation, Electricity and more

  • The Heavens in October 1929

  • Mechanical Wonderland, Hair Waving Apparatus Patented and more

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