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Looking Ahead with the Editor, November 1929

When Reindeer Roamed the Pyrenees

Among Our Contributors, November 1929

Oscar Parkes

Ford's Friend Edison

Mr. Ford Talks of Mr. Edison, of Industry, of Youth, and of the Inspiration of Edison's Achievements Which He Is Commemorating at Dearborn

By F. D. McHugh

Wall Street and the Research Laboratory

Industries Listed on "The Street" Today at High Figures Owe Much of Their Financial Success to Scientific Research

By Raymond Francis Yates

Safe, Fireproof, Steel Scaffolding

Synthetic Sweet Smells

How the Synthetic Chemist Converts Foul Smelling Substances Into Pleasant Perfumes to Disguise Products We All Know

By Donald A. Laird

Cleaning Railway Cars

Efficient Machinery Replaces Slow, Inefficient Hand Labor

Ice by Wire

The Tireless Electric Refrigerating Unit Is Displacing the Ice Man As Surely As Artificial Ice Displaced Nature's Product

The Great Flint Mines of Grime's Graves

How Ancient Man Sank Deep Pits in Solid Rock, in Search of Suitable Flint for His Implements

By J. Reid Moir

Japan's New Navy

Quietly, and Without Publicity, a Great Battle Fleet Is Being Constructed on the Opposite Shores of the Pacific

By Oscar Parkes

The Puzzles of the Comets--I

Why Comets Shine; Why the Heads Appear to Contain Different Substances. These and Other Puzzles Are Being Solved

By Henry Norris Russell

Press a Button--There's Your Book

Mechanical Carrier Speeds Up Delivery of Volumes From Library Shelves to the Reader

American Passenger Air Transport--II

Safety, Night Flying, Selling Aerial Transportation, and Other Phases Are Here Dealt with in Detail

By Alexander Klemin

America's 'Cleanest' Industry

Fats and Oils Gathered From the Antipodes Are Converted Daily Into Hundreds of Carloads of Soap

Amateur Seismology

The Opening of a Campaign to Enlist the Interest of the Amateur Scientist in the Fascinating Study of Earthquakes

The Speed Record of the Universe

Light Holds the Universal Speed Record. There Is Good Evidence That a Higher Velocity Is Impossible

By Paul R. Heyl

Weighing With Light

A Novel Instrument Which Weighs a Moving Sheet of Paper and Writes a Record of Its Observations

By A. Pearson

Sardine Packing--A Growing California Industry

Supplying the Reptile Leather Demand

Land and Water Lizards from India, Ringed Lizards from Java, Alligators, and Others Are on the "Wanted" List

By H. J. Payne

Power From the Earth

The Steam Wells of Italy Tap a Large Source of the Earth's Inexhaustible Supply of Energy

By Albert G. Ingalls

Praying Trees of the Desert

The Friendly Joshua Tree Lends a Spirit of Hopefulness to the Weary Desert Traveler

By Bruce McDaniel

Practical Astronomy for Amateurs

How the Amateur Astronomer Is Helping to Observe and Calculate the Moon's Motions

By Ernest W. Brown

An Outlawed Industry 'Comes Back'

How a Great Brewing Establishment Was Crippled by the 18th Amendment and How It Emerged Triumphant

By A. A. Hopkins

Unique Regrade Engineering

The Amateur Astronomer, November 1929


  • Departments

    George Eastman

  • Sinai, the Sublime Triple-headed Mountain

  • Our Point of View, November 1929

  • Device to Prevent Frozen Water Pipes, Self-Locking Bolt and Nut Thread and more

  • Handley Page Slot Mechanisms, Certification of Private Lights and more

  • Cheap Aluminum Chloride Now Available, Australian Motorists to Use Gasoline Mixed with Alcohol

  • Tobacco Smoking, Iodine Surveys, and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, November 1929

  • The Heavens in November 1929

  • Physiological Effects of the Spin, American Passenger Air Transport-II and more

  • Mechanical Method Claims Granted, Joseph Jenks' Petition and more

  • Patents Recently Issued, November 1929

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