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Looking Ahead With the Editor, December 1929

Among Our Contributors, December 1929

By Lester D. Seymour

A Scuttled Fleet is Salvaged

The Romance of the Difficult Job of Raising the German Fleet From the Bottom of Scapa Flow

By David Masters

When Reindeer Roamed the Pyrenees--I

A Glimpse of France, The Capital of the Prehistoric World, In the Days of the Cave Man

By Ida Treat

From the Scrap-book of Science, December 1929

An Office Building of the New Era

Science Contributes to Efficiency, Employee Comfort, and Convenience in a New York "Sky-scraper"

By Stratford Corbett

Television's Progress

By A. P. Peck

Giant Airplanes

Plans for the Future, and Present Successful Tests, Portend a New Era in Heavier-than-Air Flying

By Reginald M. Cleveland

Award of the Scientific American Medal

An Awakened Interest in Sea Safety Has Brought Results

Behind the Scenes in Modern Archeology

The Modern Archeologist is a Scientist and his Science Contains Keen Interest. At Times it Smacks of Adventure. How he Restores and Exhibits Faded Discoveries Made in the Field

By Horace H. F. Jayne

Timing the Schneider Cup Races: Over 300 Miles Per Hour

The Puzzles of the Comets--II

Research Indicates That the Sun Picked Up Its Family of Comets Only Recently While Passing Through Orion

By Henry Norris Russell

Radio in 1930

Regardless of New Circuits, Tubes, and the Like, the Final Test of a Set Is Its Tone Quality

By Howard T. Cervantes

Largest Electrified Metal Mine

From the Archeologist's Notebook

Insuring Safety on Airlines

Behind the Pilot Is a Far-Reaching Organization, Every Member of Which Is Working for the Good of the Service

By Lester D. Seymour

The Art of Pliocene Man

More Discoveries Made in Eastern England Strengthen the Belief That Very Ancient Man Was Highly Intelligent

By J. Reid Moir

Esthetic Engineering

How San Francisco Anchored Shifting Sands and Built a Beautiful Boulevard on What Had Been a Barren Waste

By C. W. Geiger and Ruth Sabichi

When the Dining-Car Staff Goes to School

American Passenger Air Transport--III

Many Facts of Great Interest to the Prospective Airline Passenger Are Here Discussed at Length

By Alexander Klemin

Wires and Cables for a Great Bridge

Manufacture of the Wires for the Cables and Suspender Ropes of the Hudson River Bridge, New York City

By A. E. Cripps

Rebuilding a Broken Business

The Story of the Development Through Research of a Huge Candy Industry

By Milton Wright

The Amateur Astronomer, December 1929


  • Departments

    Back of Frontispiece, December 1929

  • Mousterian Man, Woman, and Infant--a Race That Became Extinct

  • Our Point of View, December 1929

  • A Mammoth's Deformed Wisdom Tooth, Life Saving by Mechanical Respiration and more

  • A Radio Altimeter, Instruction in Fog Flying and more

  • Synthetic Resin Improves Lacquers, Powdered Fuels for Engines and more

  • Liver and Iron in Anemia, Eye Examinations of Children and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, December 1929

  • The Heavens in December 1929

  • Novel Method for Making Citric Acid, Rust Used in New Base for Paint and more

  • Reward Awaits Inventor of Machine, No Infringement in Old Process for Cleaning Neon Tubes and more

  • Index to Volume 141, July-December, 1929

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