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Among Our Contributors, January 1930

By C. F. Kettering

Looking Ahead With the Editor, January 1930

Needed: A Bigger Merchant Marine

Hearing Without Ears

Bone-Conduction Equipment to Aid Partially Deaf Persons

By George Barton French

Developments Born of the Speedway

Perfection of Racing Cars and the Terrific Tests They Undergo Teach Many Lessons to the Manufacturer

By William F. Sturm

When Reindeer Roamed the Pyrenees--II

How the Anthropologist Explores the Buried Evidence of the Ancient Past and Reconstructs an Outline of Prehistory

By Ida Treat

Hunting Pocket Planets

How the Astronomical Specialist Applies Scientific Management to the Systematic Search for New Asteroids or Minor Planets

By Henry Norris Russell

An American Front-End-Drive Car

Many Advantages Seen for the Front-End Drive Which Has Recently Been Applied to an American Pleasure Car

The Truth About Aviation Stocks

Basically Sound, the Aircraft Industry Has Suffered Severely From Growing Pains, But Is Now Becoming Stable

By Reginald M. Cleveland

Giant Trailers Protect Pavements

"Fingerprinting" Autos

Bridging the Grand Canyon

Intrepid Engineers Anchor Cobweb of Steel to Gorge's Precipitous Walls

By Kit McKenzie

The Airplane Diesel in 1940

The Many Advantages of This Simple Power Plant Point Toward a Great Increase in Its Use

By Roswell H. Ward

Sea-Safety Contest Winners

Our Competition Has Focused Attention on Devices That Make for Safe Navigation, and Are Reliable in Emergencies

By Albert A. Hopkins

The Rarest Metal Yet Obtained

A Scientific Account of Research on Protactinium, Element 91, Which Is as Radioactive as Radium

By Aristid V. Grosse

Light Airplane Design Contest Winners

First Prize Awarded to an Army Flyer, Second to a Commercial Designer and Third to a Midshipman

How Well Does the Car Stand Up?

Grueling Tests on Proving Ground Show Capabilities and Characteristics of Cars

By H. F. Olmsted

Mass Production in Agriculture

Large-Scale Farming Operations May Be Revolutionized By Means of Tractors Powered With Diesel Engines

By Henry W. Hough

Fuzed Quartz for Ultra-violet Rays

The New Fused Quartz Solarium

Your 1930 Car

A Survey, in Brief, of Developments, Improvements, and Changes in Design of Some of the Better Known Cars

By F. D. McHugh

Four Cables: 106,000 Miles of Wire

As Spinning of Cables Begins, the Hudson River Bridge From New York City to New Jersey Becomes a Giant Loom

By A. E. Cripps

Expediting Truck Deliveries

Conveyor Belt Unit on Truck Delivers Load With Ease and Speed

Defeating the Gasoline Knock

Gasoline to Which Tetraethyl Lead Is to Be Added, Must Be Carefully Tested to Insure a Definite Quality

By Graham Edgar

A Memory Trick

At the Cost of An Hour's Intensive Study You May Learn a Mnemonic System Which 'Will Mystify and Entertain Your Friends. But Memory Cures Are Unscientific

By David Spence Hill

With the Historians of Science

The Amateur Astronomer, January 1930


  • Departments

    Back of Frontispiece, January 1930

  • Frontispiece, January 1930

  • Research Made Your Motor Car

  • Our Point of View, January 1930

  • A "Ferris Wheel" Car Parking Machine, Giant Hog Was Big as Auto and more

  • A New Boundary Light, The Problem of Air-sickness and more

  • New Method of Curing Concrete Supersedes Usual Straw Covering, Humidity Effects Motor Performance and more

  • The Composition of Cigaret and Cigaret Smoke, The Lens of the Eye, and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, January 1930

  • The Heavens in January 1930

  • Chemical Jingles, We Pay For Ashes and more

  • Beryllium for Aircraft

  • "Eskimo Pie" Patent Held Invalid, Motion to Dismiss With Prejudice Denied and more

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