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How Old Is the Earth?

How Geologists, Physicists, Geophysicists, and Other Scientists Are Pooling Their Knowledge for a Combined Attack on This Ever-fascinating Problem

By Alfred C. Lane


The Rat Is Such a Common, Familiar Animal That His Psychology Has Almost Been Overlooked. But Even a Rat Is Interesting

By Calvin P. Stone

The Detroit River Is Spanned

At An Extremely Important Point, Economically, a Beautiful Bridge at Detroit Has Largest Span in the World

By F. D. McHugh

A Modern Inferno

What the Civilized World Owes to the Scientific Research of the Modern Chemist

By Martin Meyer

The Last Stand of the Nevada Pueblos

In Southern Nevada Another "Lost City" of the Early American Indian Has Been Discovered, Throwing Light on Pre-Columbian History

By Irwin Hayden

Opera Comes Into its Own

Combining Offices With an Opera House May Solve Problems of Perennial Deficits

By Albert A. Hopkins

A Big Practical Problem for Science

What Will Be the Power Source of the Future, When the Coal Supply of the World Is Exhausted? Photochemistry Offers One Possibility

By F. M. Jaeger


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