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Among Our Contributors, March 1930

By H. Barjot

Looking Ahead With the Editor, March 1930

April--Engineering Number

400 Miles an Hour?

Far Greater Speeds Than Any Yet Achieved on Land Are Predicted by Sir Henry Segrave

By G. H. Dacy

A Newspaper in the Making

The Solving of a Great Railroad's Smoke Problem Was a Striking Feature in the Creation of a Huge Newspaper Plant

By Albert A. Hopkins

Cameras, Airplanes, and a New Industry

The Story of an Inventor Who Developed a Hobby Into a Commercial Enterprise of International Standing

By Milton Wright

Power from the Heat of Arctic Waters

Energy Outrivaling That of the Niagaras May Be Recovered in the Far North. Will the Frozen Wastes Become an Unlimited Source of Wealth?

By Dr. H. Barjot

High-Speed Tickers to Serve Brokers

Our Eyes and the Movies

How the Laboratory Psychologist Explains by Means of Physiological Optics Some of the Phenomena of Moving Pictures

By Donald A. Laird

The Romance of Steel

Most of Us Take the Metal Iron Too Often for Granted. Were Iron Newly Discovered, Its Unusual Qualities Would Cause It to be Regarded as a Remarkable Element

By Martin Meyer

An Experiment in Suspended Gravitation

We May Reason Out One Kind of an Answer to a Question in Physics and Arrive at an Opposite Answer By Actual Experiment. Experiment Wins

By R. W. Wood

An Archeologist-Detective at Work

With Only a Vague Clue as a Starting Point, Queen Meryet-Amun's Tomb Was Unearthed

Submarine Safety Advances

The "S-29" Is Now a Floating Laboratory for Testing Sub-Sea Safety Devices

Faster Airmail Terminal Service

Pneumatic Tubes Like Those in Cities Between Branch Post Offices Would Speed Airmail Between Post Offices and Airports

By Hamilton M. Wright

What's in the Sun?

Not Only What Elements Exist in the Sun's Atmosphere, But Now Their Percentages, Have Been Worked Out by Improved Analysis

By Henry Norris Russell

How Large is the Human Egg?

Some of the Findings of Recent Research Upon the Eggs of the Human Species, and Those of Other Mammals

By Carl G. Hartman

Detroit Digs Under to Canada

Vehicular Tunnel Under Detroit River, Soon to be Completed, Will be Important International Highway Connection

By Harvey Klemmer

Automatic Word Writing

Departures From Familiar Typewriter Found in Word Writing Machine

Refining Metals by Electrolysis

Production of Refined Zinc and Copper by the Electrolytic Process in the World's Largest Metal Reduction Plant

By Henry W. Hough

Diet Causes Fatigue

Working Efficiency Is Lowered by the Dieting Fad and Increased by Between-Meal Nibbling

Swimming Speed Analyzed

In the Breast Stroke We Can Develop the Same Speed as in the Crawl, But Only for a Fraction of a Second

By Peter V. Karpovich

The Plant's Whimsical Appetite

Some Newly Discovered Requirements for Plant Growth Indicate That Plants Are Highly Sensitive to Certain Chemicals

By Earl S. Johnston

The Amateur Astronomer, March 1930


  • Departments

    Back of Frontispiece, March 1930

  • Submarine Cables and Area of Recent Earthquake

  • Our Point of View, March 1930

  • Bottle Drifts 7000 Miles, Rapid Lumber Growth Due to Selective Logging and more

  • The Safe Aircraft Competition, The Sun Compass and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, March 1930

  • New Process Enables Metal Coating to be Sprayed on Anything, Simple Device Measures Explosive Gas in Mines and more

  • The Cause of Influenza, Irradiated Cereals and more

  • The Heavens in March 1930

  • Rights to Fruit Spray Removal Process Contested, Copyright Denied Because of Disclosure in Patent and more

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