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Looking Ahead with the Editor, June 1930

Among Our Contributors, June 1930

Aluminum and its 'Hard-Boiled' Alloys

How a Chemical Curiosity Became a 225,000,000-Pound Industry in Forty-Three Years

By Albert A. Hopkins

Super Magnetic Fields

Some Remarkable Experiments in England--The "Most" Interesting in the World--Promise New Revelations in Physics

By J. G. Crowther

From Coco Palms to Coconut Oil

The Coconut Has Exerted a Tremendous Influence in the Industrial Life of the Philippine Islands

By Charles W. Geiger and Ruth Sabichi

Birds of a Bleak Arctic Island

A Bit of the Far North Is Borrowed for a Museum Habitat Group

Fragmentary Molecules of the Sun

On the Sun Most of the Elements Are in Isolated Atoms, Because of the Heat. Unfamiliar Compounds Are Being Discovered

By Henry Norris Russell

Beautiful Bridges On New Rail Line

Exceptional Engineering Problems Involved in Construction of European Railway

Sinanthropus, the Peking Man

As Evidence Accumulates, the Million-Year-Old Fossils Found in China Are Assuming Increasing Importance

Coney Island's Museum

The First Institution Designed to Show Human Play-Reaction

Midshipmen at 'Landlubber' Colleges

Six Great Institutions Co-operate With the Navy in Preparing Naval Reserve Officers for Sea Duty

By W. D. Puleston

Linemen of the Sea

When Transatlantic Cables Are Broken, Men Must Be Sent to Splice Them

By Josef W. von Stein

Speed Queen Smashes Sister's Record

Is There an Ether?

Aid for the Layman Who Attempts to Keep Abreast of the Changing Concepts of the Modern Physicist

By Paul R. Heyl

Better Days for Aviation

Present Safe, Dependable Airplanes Will Be Further Improved and the Industry Placed on a Sound Business Basis

By Edward S. Evans

Tangled Commerce Abides Where Children Smoke and Swim

The Antipodean Manus Are the Pack Peddlers of the Pacific

Moving a Substation Underground

Without Interruption of Service, Substation Is Moved Seven City Blocks to New Underground Location

By F. B. Freeman

Warmed by Satan

An Engineer's Discussion of the Familiar Proposal to Derive Power from the Earth's Hot Interior

By Thomas T. Read

From the Archeologists' Note Book

Light Furnishes Ballroom Decorations

Color-Harmony Introduces a New Mode of Expression

The Amateur Astronomer, June 1930

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    Back of Frontispiece, June 1930

  • Great Britain's Foremost Physical Laboratory

  • Our Point of View, June 1930

  • Individual Hothouses for Plants, General Electric's Foreign Interests Gain and more

  • Experiments in Fog Flying, Plumbing and Heating in the Air and more

  • Dead Sea Becomes Center of Live Industry, Automatic Control of Gasoline Plant and more

  • The Care of the Crippled, First-Aid for Motorists and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, June 1930

  • The Heavens in June 1930

  • Beware of Noisy Grapefruit, Human Chemist Can't Compete with Art of Lowly Bug and more

  • Rules on Patent Appeals Amended, Patents for Plants and more

  • Index to Volume 142, January-June, 1930

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