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Fire: the Enemy of Our Forests

By Charles W. Geiger and Wallace Hutchinson

Photography Identifies Gems by their Flaws

By Frank Heitzler

Walking on Water

By Henry J. Tomlinson

St. Louis Buries a River

By W. W. Horner

Accuracy in "Talkie" Equipment


The New Theory of Evolution

By Austin H. Clark

Dining in a Refrigerator!

Built of Mud

By A. Hyatt Verrill

Basic Patents in Evolution--I

By William K. Gregory

The "Green Flash" and Other Odd Phenomena

By Henry Norris Russell

Film Yourself for a Quarter


By Martin Meyer

The Eight-Inch Gun Cruiser

By W. D. Puleston

A Home Made Microscope for the Amateur

By Leon J. Israelovitch

Work and Fatigue

Industrial Fatigue Is Passing Out of Style

By Donald A. Laird

Rome's Slums Reveal Imperial Ruins

The Imperious Sycamore

"Clear are the depths where the eddies play, And the dimples deepen and hurl away; And the plane tree's speckled arms o'ershoot The swifter current that mines its root." -Bryant

By William Alphonso Murrill

Vegetables that Defeat Goiter

By M. Bishop Alexander

Mechanical Silkworms

By Grace Lockhart

'Panama' Hats From the Pacific

By Hendrik DeLeeuw

The Amateur AstronomerTelevision Enters the Home, August 1930

By Albert G. Ingalls


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    Across the Editor's Desk, August 1930

  • Back of Frontispiece, August 1930

  • Our Point of View, August 1930

  • Movie Camera as an Aid in Testing, Fire War on Pests and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, August 1930

  • Attorney's Delay Unavoidable, Plan to Include Patents in War Settlement Favored and more

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