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One Touch of Nature

By David B. Pickering

A 1400-foot Dive

By Otis Barton


By Russell.W Porter

Housekeeping Aboard a Battleship

By John Donald Thompson

Stone From Hot Mineral Springs

Can We Signal to the Planets?

By John Thomson

Scientific Criminology

How Bullets and Firearms Are Matched for Identification

By Stanley F. Gorman

My Experience in Amateur Telescope Making

By Clyde W. Tombaugh

Experiments With "Wonder Creatures"

By Frank E. Lutz

The Largest American-Made Telescope Mirror

The Development of the Columbia River

By Charles F. A. Mann

A Reclining Chair Night Coach

Measuring the Distance to the Stars

By Henry Norris Russell

Marsh Delta Lands Become Rich Farms

Our Army's New Super-Weapon

By G. M. Barnes

Basic Patents in Evolution--III

By William K. Gregory

Ctesiphon, A Magnificent Fragment

The New Fifty-foot Stellar Interferometer

Mount Wilson Observatory

By F. G. Pease

The Juvenile Aircraft Industry

By Anderson G. Orb

The Penalty of Carelessness

The Reviving Liquid-Metal Industry

By J. K. Novins

Prohibition and the Physiological Effects of Alcohol

By H. H. Mitchell

Recorded Radio Programs

By A. J. Kendrick

Flint Implements Great and Small

By J. Reid Moir


  • Departments

    Across the Editor's Desk, October 1930

  • S. A. Mitchell

  • The Sixty-inch Telescope

  • Our Point Of View, October 1930

  • Index Globe for Study of Geography, Hudson River Bridge Cables Completed and more

  • Commerical Property News, October 1930

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