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The Tree Bark of a Hundred Uses

By Burton Davis

Radio Charts the Upper Air

Published by permission of Major General George S. Gibbs, Chief Signal Officer, United States Army.

By Jerome D. Van Brakle

A Gallon of 'Gas' from a Gallon of Oil

By Henry W. Hough

The Stage Goes "Air-Minded"


By G. Austin Schroter

Railroad Electrification

By Francis H. Shepard

Another Peking Skull Discovered

By G. Elliot Smith

How Pluto's Orbit was Figured Out

By Henry Norris Russell

Television Needs New Ideas--and Less Ballyhoo

By A. Dinsdale

Glass Tubing By The Mile

How Many Minutes of Play in the Average Football Game?

By Hugo L. Rusch

The Story of Glozel--a Chapter in Credulity

By David Riesman

By-Products from Industrial Wastes

By Ernest W. Steel

The Young Giant: Natural Gas Fuel

The Sick May Ride in Pullmans

The Technician Talks About the Talkies

By Raymond Francis Yates

Birds Have Natural Slotted Wings

By Ray P. Holland Jr.


  • Departments

    Across the Editor's Desk, November 1930

  • Back of Frontispiece, November 1930

  • The Cork Oak Gives Up its Valuable Outer Bark

  • Our Point of View, November 1930

  • Now You Can Buy Insects for 10 Dollars a Million, New Photo Flash Lamp and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, November 1930

  • Better Mailing Container Sought, U. S. Endorsement is Falsely Claimed and more

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