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A 4000-Year Food Experiment

By William H. Adolph

Instrument Flying to Combat Fog

By William C. Ocker

Elevated Highway to Speed Traffic

X-Ray Fingers Feel Out the Atomic Structure of Matter

By Sir William Bragg

A Fact-Finding Factory

What is a Quantum?

By Paul R. Heyl

Feeding the Crew of a Battleship

By John Donald Thompson

More About Pluto

By Henry Norris Russell

Oil From Below the Ocean Floor

By C. L. Roberts

Factory Wastes Turned To Profits

Scattered Light and The Raman Effect

By R. W. Wood

An Atom of Lutecium

By Nell Ray Clarke

Scientific Criminology--The Pistol Witness

By Stanley F. Gorman

When Crude Oil Crosses The Seas

By Henry W. Hough

Traveling Home For 'Phone Linemen

By C. W. Geiger

Aviation in 1930

By Alexander Klemin


  • Departments

    Across the Editor's Desk, December 1930

  • Back of Frontispiece, December 1930

  • New "Ears" For French Anti-aircraft Gunners

  • Our Point of View, December 1930

  • Archeology Enters The Stamp World

  • Huge Lodestone Specimen, Einstein, Living Immortal and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, December 1930

  • Chemical Patent Dedicated to Public Involved in Suit, Unused Mark Denied Registration and more

  • Index To Volume 143, July-December, 1930

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