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Ivory, the Pearl of the Forest

By Ernst D. Moore

Testing the Astronomical Yardstick

By Henry Norris Russell

A Stone Dam Greater than Cheops' Pyramid

By P. M. Downing

Has Living Matter Been Produced in the Laboratory

By Maynard Shipley

The Volcanic Birth of a New Island

Mining the Sky for Scientific Knowledge

By W.J. Humphreys

Modern "Alchemy" in Iron and Steel

By F.D. Mchugh

Preserving Newspaper Files

By R.P. Walton

An Actor Turns Inventor

A Safety Oven Shelf Spelled Financial Success After a Lifetime on the Stage

By Milton Wright

Practical X-Ray Crystal Analysis in Engineering'

By V. E. Pullin

Pre-constructed Pipe-line Hauled out to Sea

Giant Tortoises

Nearing Extinction on the Galapagos Islands, They Are Being Propagated in the United States

By Charles Haskins Townsend

From the Archeologist's Notebook

New Allenby Bridge Makes Petra Accessible

Landscaping with Fully Grown Trees


On the Track of the Mayas


  • Departments

    Across the Editor's Desk, January 1931

  • Back of Frontispiece, January 1931

  • The Inhabited Wing Plane of the Germans

  • Our Point of View, January 1931

  • Nineteen-Story Arc Welded Building, Human Bites and Infection and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, January 1931

  • Turpentine, Rosin Consumption, Traffic Signal Patented and more

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