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Cunard's Bid for Ocean Supremacy

By David Masters

Riding With the Signal in the Cab

Quick-Freezing Solves Food Problems

By D. H. Killefer

Keeping the Stock Exchange Fit

Airplanes Land Blind--Guided by Radio

By H. Diamond and F. W. Dunmore

A Splintered Planet?

By Henry Norris Russell

The National Aircraft Show

By Alexander Klemin

The Biblical Deluge A Fact

By Dr. Stephen Langdon

Amateur Astronomy in Pittsburgh

Television Now on Schedule

By D. E. Replogle

Science in Search of Oil

A Familiar Truck Becomes A Locomotive

Professional Methods in Amateur Archeology

Prepared under the auspices of the Committee on State Archeological Surveys of the Division of Anthropology and Psychology, National Research Council: Fay-Cooper Cole, Chairman of the Division (1929-30), and Carl E...

American Olives by the Ton

Preserved for 10,000 Years to Come!

Mechanizing a Giant Foundry

By J. B. Nealey


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  • Back of Frontispiece, July 1931

  • A Majestic Mountainside Monument to Four Presidents

  • Our Point of View, July 1931

  • Patent Royalty Held Non-taxable by State, "Ethyl" Mark Protected and more

  • Books Selected By the Editors

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