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A Button Industry from Ocean Pearl

By Grace Lockhart

Wild Life in a Fire

By Duane H. Kipp

Flying Instruction as it Should Be

By George W. Orr

Is Interstellar Space Wholly Empty

By Henry Norris Russell

A Day With a Locksmith

By Albert A. Hopkins

The Perspective of Modern Physics

By Paul R. Heyl

A Tinted Statue From Pompeii's Ashes

It Pays to be a Pioneer

By Milton Wright

Natural Gasoline from Oil Wells

By G. Ross Robertson

Pose Yourself For Your Portrait

Into a Hidden World

By M. C. Swingle

Asquith and Kitchener

(Concluded from August)

By W. D. Puleston

"Form" Letters With A Personal Touch

World Affairs and the Telephone

How Ancient is Modern Man?

By J. Reid Moir

Cotton Cloth Fit for a King

By Donald A. Laird


  • How you are Influenced by Color

  • Departments

    Across the Editor's Desk, September 1931

  • Back of Frontispiece, September 1931

  • France's Reply to Germany's "Pocket Battleship"

  • Our Point of View, September 1931

  • New Soap has no Taste, A Telephone Call-Recorder and more

  • Single Court of Patent Appeals, Inventor Convicted of Fraud and more

  • Books Selected By The Editors, September 1931

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September 1931

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