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What Happens When a Gasser Blows in When An Oil Well is Being Drilled

By Andrew R. Boone

Where Diamonds Earn Their Keep

By Edwin P. Norwood

A Nerve Center of Communication

How Your Radio or Cable Message Speeds Through

By Milton Wright

Eclipses and the Sun's Atmosphere

By Henry Norris Russell

Flying as Fast as Sound

By J. L. Naylor

An Early Christian Cemetery

In the Libyan Desert of Egypt

Viscount Grey and Lord Haldane

(Concluded from our May issue)

By W. D. Puleston

Power from Pipe Lines to Wires

By J. B. Nealey

Watching the Creation of the Stars

(Concluded from our May issue)

By Sir James Jeans

Unusual Fishes

That Build Nests, Walk on Land, Live in Dried Mud, and Breathe Air

Forty-Niners Starved in the Midst of Plenty

By Ernest E. Fairbanks

Modern Alchemy:

Photographing the Birth of an Atom

By William D. Harkins

What Next in Elevator Engineering?

By H. D. James

Inter-Glacial Man in England

By J. Reid Moir

Index To Volume 146, January-June, 1932


  • Departments

    Across The Editor's Desk, June 1932

  • Back of Frontispiece, June 1932

  • A Flaming Torch of Gas Threatens Disaster to an Oil Field

  • Our Point Of View, June 1932

  • A Tunnel for Saddle Horses, Increase in Spider Bite Poisoning and more

  • Books Selected by the Editors, June 1932

  • A. C. Radio Set Patent Adjudged Invalid, Wiring Plan Patent Sustained and more

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