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Talkie Troubles

Roaring Arctic Blizzards and Broiling Tropical Sun Put The Talkie Cameraman to Supreme Tests

By Andrew R. Boone

Electricity Digs Hoover Dam Tunnels

More Ships For Our Foreign Trade

Having Lost Our Former Supremacy on the Seas and Suffered Losses Thereby, We Have Launched a Program for a Powerful Merchant Marine

By H. Gerrish Smith

Frameless Steel Houses

The Eclipse, Bad Weather and a New Way Out

By Henry Norris Russell

Hospital Luxury for Rich or Poor

Skyways That Link The Americas

By V. E. Chenea

From The Archeologist's Note Book, December 1932

Your Internal Menagerie

By Robert Hegner

Now The Gun Carriage Is Welded

You Can't Beat 'Em

By A. P. Peck

Shotgun Shells in The Making


  • Departments

    Across The Editor's Desk, December 1932

  • Back of Frontispiece, December 1932

  • Waiting To "Shoot" Elephants Near A Water Hole

  • Our Point of Views, December 1932

  • Amateur Telescope Makers Make Amateur Telescopes

  • Mercury Vapor Power Plant Nears Completion, A Ford Six and more

  • How the Courts Treat Meritorious Patents, Rehearing Denied on "Dry Ice" Decision and more

  • Books Selected by the Editors, December 1932

  • Index to Volume 147, July-December, 1932

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