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The Economics of Man-Made Weather

By Willis H. Carrier

'Safety Lanes' for Motor Safety

By A. P. Peck

Machines That Think

By Thomas Ross

Melting Glaciers Supply Electricity

The Most Perfect Milk Possible

By O. Erf

Building Model Stars

With a Glimpse at a Laborious Indoor Sport of the Mathematician-Astronomer

By Henry Norris Russell

What is 'Telepathy'?

Watchmen Of Our Coast Line

By Randolph Ridgely Jr.

Preserving Proof of Invention

Adequate Evidence of the Date of Conception Will Aid the Inventor if His Claims to Priority Are Contested

The Glory of Persian Art

Hidden as the Result of a Drunken Orgy; Uncovered by American Archeologists

The Truth About High-Altitude Flight

By W. H. Whevers

More Amateurs' Telescopes

What Happens in a Grain Elevator

When Lacquer and Fabric Meet


  • Departments

    Across the Editor's Desk, April 1933

  • Back of Frontispiece, April 1933

  • A Carillon Which was Hoisted by Tractor

  • Our Point of View, April 1933

  • Misconceptions on Ramie Fiber, New Fertilizer from Peat and more

  • Patent Office Catching Up, "Germania" a Geographical Mark and more

  • Books Selected by the Editors, April 1933

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