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Birth Control and Bigotry

By C. C. Little

From the Archeologist's Note Book, June 1933

Why the St. Lawrence Waterway?

By Alton Dermont Adams

Flies Raised to Test Death Sprays

By Andrew R. Boone

The Literary Value of Mathematical Tables

By Henry Norris Russell

Amateur Astronomers' Home-Made Observatories

Fly Fast--Land Slow

High Speed and Safety Are Essential to Aerial Transportation: How Both Ends Are Being Gained

By Reginald M. Cleveland

A 'Different' Art Museum

A Mechanical Cow

That Breathes, "Gives Milk" and Moves Her Head, Eyes, Ears, and Jaws in Lifelike Fashion

The Second Scientific American Test of Telepathy

Paper and Pencils Are All That Is Required for Conducting This Series of Experiments That May Open a Large Field for Study

Autocratic Versus Democratic Diplomacy

By Captain W. D. Puleston

How Beer is Brewed

The World's Most Efficient Pump

By G. A. Skinner


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    Across the Editor's Desk, June 1933

  • Measuring the Effects of Loads on the "Macon"

  • Our Point of View, June 1933

  • Is Beer Nutritious? Why Plants are Green and more

  • Books Selected by the Editors, June 1933

  • Index to Volume 148, January-June, 1933

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