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The Secret Message of the Cosmic Ray

By Arthur H. Compton

The Art of a Hard, Cruel People

Might and Power, Typified by Lions and Bulls, Guarded the Gates in Mesopotamia

The Results of Our First Test of Telepathy

The Charts Received Have Been Collated and Analyzed Mathematically. Results Appear to Point to the Operation of Something Other Than Chance. The Findings of Experts After Studying the Data...

The Misnamed "Planetary" Nebulae- What are they?

By Henry Norris Russell

Keep Marshlands for Wild Fowl

Much Reclaimed Marshland, Unfit for Agriculture, Should be Rewatered for the Benefit of Water Fowl

By Paul G. Redington

A Chinese River in Bavaria

The Amateur and his Microscope--I

By Ernest H. Anthes

Transoceanic Airship Service

By Wolfgang Lambrecht

Snapshots of Bullets in Flight

By C. T. Ervin

The Minerals in Milk

By James A. Tobey

Chemical Engineering and Insurance

By R. C. Stratton and J. B. Ficklen


  • Departments

    Across the Editor's Desk, July 1933

  • Back of Frontispiece, July 1933

  • And Never the Twain Shall Meet'

  • Our Point of View, July 1933

  • Lead Pencil Ends Scientific Search, Tiny Mosquito Fish Win and more

  • Books Selected by the Editors, July 1933

  • Noted Inventor Dies, Foreign Dressmakers to Stop Copying and more

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