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Heightening the Assouan Dam

Unusual Engineering Problems Are Involved in Egypt's Second Heightening of the Famous Assouan Dam, Greatest of Massive Monuments on the Nile

By Hamilton M. Wright

Hovering Police of the Air

Ice Cream by the Mile

A Successful Inventor Tells How He Commercialized His New Process For Manufacturing This Frozen Delicacy

By Milton Wright

Some Astronomical Surprises

The Riddle of the Coronal Lines--The Last Outstanding Puzzle in Astrophysics

By Henry Norris Russell

There is Research .... and Research

How Much Real Scientific Research Lies Behind Some of the Patent Medicines, Cures, and Medicaments Sold to the Less Intelligent Fraction of the Public? Who Should Conduct Such Research?

By T. Swann Harding

An Amateur's Dream Come True

The Development of the Modern Cruiser

By Henry E. Rossell

Criminals Photographed in the Act

What it Means to be Lazy

It May Not--in Fact it Probably Does Not--Mean What Many Think it Means. And the Condition is Curable

By Donald A. Laird

From the Archeologist's Note Book, January 1934

An Uncomfortable Royal Bed

The Detection of Food Adulterations and Spoilage--I

By K. Bernice Fick

Too Soon is as Bad as Too Late

The Scientific American Award for Plane Improvement

Modern Catacombs Protect the French Frontier


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