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Whose Baby?

Determining Parentage by Blood Groups

By Laurence H. Snyder

Southern Pine for White Paper

By Charles H. Herty

The Newer Photography

Later Year Trends in the Development of Cameras and Films Have Revived Interest in Photography as a Serious Hobby. In Coming Months This Page Will be Devoted to the Peculiar Problems Thus Brought to the Fore, Authoritative Discussion of Which is not Available Elsewhere...

Barnard's Black Nebulae

By Henry Norris Russell

Down The Ways

It Is a Difficult Engineering Job to Launch a Large Ship Successfully

By R. G. Skerrett


Business Management Gets the Research Point of View

By Charles F. Kettering

Another Job for the Codfish

It Assisted in Building Up Our Commerce and Industry; It Can Help Stamp Out a Widespread Disease

By Bion R. East


What They Are, How the Seismologist Observes Them, and Why They Are Observed

By Joseph Lynch

Amateur Astronomers' Activities in Indianapolis

Sundials and their Construction--IV

Declining and Reclining Dials

By Margaret Walton Mayall and R. Newton Mayall

Breeding Better Trees

Dew Ponds

How Water is Obtained on the Bleak Downs of England Where There are No Springs or Streams


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