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Extra-Sensory Perception

Results of a Remarkable Series of Controlled Experiments for Telepathy and Clairvoyance

By Walter Franklin Prince

What's in the Rocket?

By G. Edward Pendray

Flowers with your Camera

New Constituents of the Sun

In the Existing Maze of Lines in the Solar Spectrum, Those of New Elements Are Still Being Discovered, Adding Further to Our Knowledge of What the Sun Is Made of

By Henry Norris Russell

Splitting Seconds

Quartz Crystals Furnish the Basis for Time Keeping of Extreme Accuracy, Courtesy Electrical Research Products, Inc.

Eugenic Sterilization

Human Betterment Demands It

By E. S. Gosney

Angling Has Scientific Angles

How to Take Mean Advantage of a Poor Fish

By J. E. Nielsen

Time Defeats Bandits

Sundials and Their Construction--V

Materials for Construction; Calculating Time

By Margaret Walton Mayall and R. Newton Mayall


How the Scientific Method is Being Applied in One Attempt to Isolate the Ultimate Cause of this Disease

By T. Swann Harding

Water Power and Salt Lake for Egypt?

The Length of Your Nose

By Donald A. Laird


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    Across the Editor's Desk, July 1934

  • Back of Frontispiece, July 1934

  • The Debris Rose 600 Feet into the Air

  • Our Point of View, July 1934

  • Lamp Filament a Coiled Wire, X Ray Diagnoses Elephant's Arthritis and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, July 1934

  • Books Selected by the Editors, July 1934

  • Attempted Dress Copyrights Fail, Chemical Patents and more

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