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Diesels Stride Ahead

Dependable, Economical Motive Force, Air, Land, Water, Slowly, Surely Advancing in America, Great Future Possibilities, Saving Not So Much in Cheaper Fuel, Decentralization of Industry

By Philip H. Smith

Before Winter Came to Alaska

Extinct Animals in Warm Prehistoric Alaska, Modern Excavations Mastodons and Super- Bisons, Monster Tusks, Hairy Elephants, Reconstructing an Ancient and Spectacular Past

By Ella Wilson Hill

Engineering Projects in the Southwest

Could a Manned Rocket Reach Mars?

By Henry Norris Russell

How Chemistry Guards Your Health

Food Sleuths Stop Flour Spoilage, Olives Given Clean Health Bill, Chlorine Gas Saves Lives, Cautions For Home Canners, Truth in Canned Food Labels, Constant Vigilance Necessary

By Andrew R. Boone

Advanced Amateur Photography Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet

By Albert G. Ingalls

Near Absolute Zero

In the Quest of the Absolute or Real Zero Temperature, Known to be 273 Degrees Centigrade or 459 Degrees Fahrenheit Below Our More Familiar "Zero," Scientists Have Now Come Within One-Twentieth of a Degree of Their Long-Sought Goal...

By J. G. Crowther

'Queen Mary'

The Amateur and his Microscope--XIII Plants that Swim

By Ken G. Niblack

From the Archeologist's Note Book, December 1934

A Fortress Emerges

Motordom's Ghosts Walk Again

By William S. Dutton

Index to Volume 151, July-December, 1934


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