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Plastics Come of Age

Age 66, Structural and Insulating Qualities, Shoes and Dental Plates, Fireproof Wall Panels, Transparent or in Colors, Compete With Wood and Metals, An Even More Plastic World Seen

By Philip H. Smith

Indoor Photography

With Ordinary Cameras, Super-Sensitive Film, Inexpensive Flood-Lights, Flash-light Bulbs

By A. P. Peck

Quintuplets, Quadruplets Triplets, Twins

By H. H. New Man

Guarding Egypt's Tombs

Protective Portcullises Broken Open, Trick Sliding Doors Failed, Granite Slabs Circumnavigated

How Big is the Milky Way?

By Henry Norris Russell

A New Deal For Mice

Why Mice are Used in Research on Human Diseases

By C. C. Little

Revolution Among the Lubricants

Low Grade Crudes Give High Grade Motor Oils, Propane Used in Refining, Process Removes All Wax

By Andrew R. Boone

Sundials and Their Construction

Part VIII--Lines of Declination for Dials in Planes Parallel to the Earth's Axis

By Margaret Walton Mayall and R. Newton Mayall

Norris Dam

Storage and Flood Control, Link in Tennessee Valley Program, Will Produce Power, Unique Engineering Problems, Economic Significance

By Barton M. Jones

Light in Glass Packages

Research for Industry

Institute's Creative Research, For Self, For Industrial Sponsors at Cost, End-Product Belongs to Sponsor, Avoids Abstractions and Curiosity

By Clyde Mitchell

Progress in this Age of Science


By David Sarnoff


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  • Fingerprints Of 3000 Years Ago

  • Our Point of View, January 1935

  • Amateur Telescope Makers, January 1935

  • The Noisiest Room in the World, But I Only Had One Drink and More

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, January 1935

  • Books Selected by the Editors, January 1935

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