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Increase Production!

Cemented Carbides, Near Diamond Hard Tantalum, Tungsten, Titanium, Face Tools and Dies, Reduce Rejects, Permit Fabrication of "Non-Machinable" Products

By Philip H. Smith

The Miniature Camera

The Advanced Amateur's Jack-of-all-Trades, High-Speed Lenses, Fast Films, "Gadgets," Wide Range of Choice, Great Enlargement Possible

By Jacob Deschin

The Most Interesting Star in the Sky

Zeta Aurigae, a Close Double Star, Red and White, Giant and Dwarf, Now Visible, A Five Week Eclipse, Remarkable Tale

By Henry Norris Russell

Canalization of the Upper Mississippi River

Trunk-line Water Route From "Twin Cities" to New Orleans, 27 Dams With Locks Required, Cost 124,000,000 Dollars, Economic Gains

By S. G. Roberts

From the Archeologist's Note Book, February 1935

Making Your Own Photomicrographic Camera

Simple, Efficient, Durable, Materials Cost One Dollar, Wooden Frame, Chamois Skin Bellows, A Few Other Gadgets and an Evening or Two of Time

By John Kennedy


Plant Experiments By Federal Scientists

The First Tennessee Valley Authorities

Excavations by CWA Workers Under the Tennessee Valley Authority Have Brought to Light on a Wholesale Scale the Contents of 40 Indian Mounds and Village Sites Soon to be Submerged by Reservoirs...

By Herbert F. Gough

Fire at Sea!

Many Ships Are Firetraps, Personnel Inadequately Trained and Disciplined, Yet Fireproofing and Full Protection Possible, Aroused Public Opinion Needed

By R. G. Skerrett

The Versatile Papaya

Used as Breakfast Food, In the Manufacture of Rope, For Medicines and Cosmetics, 'A Melon in a Tree'

By Frank A. Montgomery Jr.

Let Us Die Fashionably

Growing Death Rate From Cancer and Heart Disease, Is It Real or Only Apparent, Why Our Alarm May Be False, Inaccurate Reporting of Cases by Earlier Physicians, Better Reporting Today Reveals More of the True Cases...

By T. Swann Harding

Progress in This Age of Science as Told to Scientific American

By Alvan Macauley


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