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Wings of Europe

American Air Supremacy Threatened, The Bogey of German Air Strength, War Aspects of Aeronautics, Research Must Carry on

By Igor Sikorsky

World Wide Radio International Broadcasting

Why Long-Distance Transmission is Possible With Low Power, Day and Night Wavebands

By M. L. Muhleman

Back to Prosperity with Housing

Housing Program Offers Tremendous and Varied Market to Construction Industry, Durable Goods Producers, All Labor, and Business Generally

By James A. Moffett

Safety in the Air

More Improved Weather Service Needed, New Radio Aids Important, Weeding Out of Incompetent Pilots Held to be a Prime Necessity

By Reginald M. Cleveland

Double Stars

The Realm Where the Visual Observer Still Reigns Supreme and Will not be Dethroned...

By Henry Norris Russell

Electric Hotbeds

Controlled Heat, Higher Percentage Of Germination, Better Quality Plants

Exploring Prehistoric Georgia, May 1935

A Mound with a Spiral Ramp, Hastily Abandoned Burning House, Largest Archeological Expedition in America, Similar Sites Abound...

By A. R. Kelly

Streamlining in Nature

How Man May Learn From Nature, The Streamlined Salmon, Long Over-Seas Flights of Birds, Small Details of Vast Importance...

By Ray Holland

Candid Photography

Elusive Subjects Tax the Advanced Amateur Photographer's Ingenuity, Theater Pictures Possible, Miniature Cameras Solve Problems...

By Jacob Deschin

Electricity's Place in Railroading

Improve Schedules, Mite Power, Solves Problems of Heavy Traffic, Less Maintenance for Electric Locomotive, but Greater Fixed Charges...

By G. I. Wright

Cutting Casting Costs

Die Casting of Many Metal Products, Least Expensive, Process Improved, Replaces Other Processes, Die Design Advanced, Future...

By Philip H. Smith

Thrills from a Home-Made Polarizer

An Unlimited Field for Experimentation and Fun, Gorgeous Display of Colors Difficult to Exaggerate, Cost, Less than Two Dollars...

By Philip R. Tarr

Progress in this Age of Science, May 1935

By C. F. Kettering

The Amateur Astronomer, May 1935

By Albert G. Ingalls


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  • Our Point of View, May 1935

  • Scientific American's Monthly Digest Of Aviation

  • Polarized Light, Revolving Auto Service Station and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, May 1935

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