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Industrial Dixie

Scientific Research Aids the South, Industries Growing, South Now Employs 20 Percent of Nation's Factory Workers, Promising Future

By Daniel C. Roper

World-Wide Radio All-Wave Receivers

By M. L. Muhleman

Back to Prosperity With Housing, June 1935

Intense Housing Activity Needed, Jobs for All, Billions Will Go Into Circulation, Financing Simple and Easily Arranged, Insured Mortgages

By James A. Moffett

The Newer Telescopes

By Henry Norris Russell

Bridging the Mississippi

By Harry J. Engel

Color Photography for the Amateur

Dufaycolor, Uses Fine Three-Color Screen, Needs No Special Equipment, Kodachrome, Self-Contained Screenless Filters, Simplicity a Feature

By A. P. Peck and F. D. McHugh

Heavy Water

A New Hydrogen and A New Water, Chemical and Physical Properties Distinctly Different From those of Plain Hydrogen and Plain Water

By Harold C. Urey

Sea-Going Elevators

World's Largest Liner Has 23 Elevators Especially Designed for Ocean Operation

Thrills from a Home-Made Polarizer

Experiments that are Beautiful but Equally Practical, Many Useful Applications in the Industries, Examining Structural Models

By Philip R. Tarr

Did Man Exist in the Miocene Epoch?

By J. Reid Moir

Diesels on Rails

Diesel Most Economical Price Mover, Offers Solution to Demand for Lower Operating Costs, Main Line or Switching Service

By George W. Codrington

An Oriental Plant in the Occident

Bamboo as a Farm Crop, To Supply a Two Million Dollar Demand, 275 Species Being Investigated, New Uses Are Developing

By Frank A. Montgomery

Progress in This Age of Science, June 1935

By Walter P Chrysler

Index to Volume 152, January-June, 1935


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    Across The Editor's Desk, June 1935

  • Books Selected by the Editors, June 1935

  • Personalities In Science, June 1935

  • Was This Gas Cloud Once a Star?

  • Our Point of View, June 1935

  • Matching Colors Photo-Electrically, Top-Icing Cars With Snow Ice and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, June 1935

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