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The Appalachian Trail

A Key to Nature Study, For Pedestrians Only, A Project of Real Magnitude, From the Wilderness of Maine to Northern Georgia

By Myron H. Avery

For Greater Safety At Sea

New Light on Ancient Technical Pogress

Iron, Glass, the Arch, Bath Rooms, Found to Have Been in Use Far Earlier Than Formerly Supposed, 4500 Years Ago, A Surprise

By H. H. Slawson

Telepathy and Clairvoyance in a Trance Medium

Associate Professor of Psychology Duke University.

By J. B. Rhine

How Bright is a Lightning Bug?

By W. A. Parlin, Ph.D.

Is the Exposure Right?

Advanced Amateur Photographers Will Find Many Uses For Exposure Meters, When And How To Use Them, Outdoors, Indoors

By Jacob Deschin

Impossible Planets

The Investigation of Three Newly- Discovered Stars of the Companion - of - Sirius Type (the Famous Star That Weighs a Ton Per Cubic Inch) Shows That These Extremely Dense Bodies are Old Stars in the Process of Going Out...

By Henry Norris Russell

Fight Corrosion

Copper, Much New Research, Many New Uses, Alloys, Adaptations, Hardened and Enameled, Quick Patina, Improves Iron, Steel

By Philip H. Smith

Back on the Land

Subsistence Homesteads, Business Arrangement for Wage Worker, Home-Grown Food Supply, Federal Program Gives Direction to Movement Now Slowly Reversing Urbanization Trend

By John Herrick

All-Wave Reception

A Universal Hobby, Daily Weather Reports, Noise on Short Waves, Care in Tuning

By M. L. Muhleman

Power From Boulder Dam

By Andrew R. Boone

Personality Glands

Giants, Dwarfs, Fanatics, Neurasthenics, Loafers, All Made by Disordered Glands

By R. G. Hoskins

Wings that Turn

Possibilities of Rotating Wing Aircraft, Vertical Rising, High-Speed, Roof-Top Landing

By Reginald M. Cleveland

Progress in This Age of Science as Told to Scientific American, July 1935

By Kermit Roosevelt


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